Caution when configuring/wiring multiple hot end heaters

  • I think I've mentioned this before but my memory failed me because it has just just bitten me in the backside. So I'll mention it again for the sake of posterity (but it won't relevant for firmware 3 or gen 3 duet ).

    On the Duet 2 main board, the hot end heaters and thermistors are referred to and labelled as E0 and E1 and on the Duex 5 expansion board, they are labelled E2 to E5. BUT in firmware heater 0 is the bed heater. The first hot end heater in firmware is heater 1. So when you configure the heaters and thermistors that you have just connected to to terminals E2 to E6, don't do as I did and use M305 P2 to P6. Instead use M305 P3 to P7 because E2 is P3, E3 is P4, E4 is P5 etc. And likewise for any M143 or M570 commands where H3 refers to the heater connected to E2, H4 to E3, H5 to E4 etc etc.....

    Very strange things happen when you have multiple hot end heaters and try to tune them with that incorrect configuration.☹

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    @deckingman sorry 😞 at least we have sorted it in Duet3/RRF3 🤦

  • That have been my biggest issue getting started with the duet - The overview of physical port name vs logical port names have been a little bit too hard -

  • @t3p3tony said in Caution when configuring/wiring multiple hot end heaters:

    @deckingman sorry 😞 at least we have sorted it in Duet3/RRF3 🤦

    No worries. I knew better but just forgot. It caused a brief sanity check but no long term mental health issues ☺ Oh and no damage to the Duet boards in any way.

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