Warping PEI at ABS

  • Hi,
    I heated my bed today to try out ABS printing and the pei decided to lift in corners; very anoyed at this as i wanted this consumable to last.

    alt text

    Would basic kapton/abs juice work for ABS printing and would basic painters tape/glue stick work for PLA, and how reliable are these older less gimicky methods?

    I've tried basic steal with print surface sticker, buildtak spring steel, creality magnetic build surface, and PEI. They all seem to have there own pros and cons.

    Please Help/ recomend.

  • That doesn't look like any PEI I've ever seen. It's usually a pale yellow color, and it is rigid material. That stuff looks like it stretched. How thick is it?

    I use 0.7mm thick PEI on the beds in my printers and it lasts for years. If you're using really thin stuff, try going thicker. The 468MP adhesive sheet is good for about 2 years before it starts letting go, usually at the corners of the bed first. A piece of 300x300 x 0.7 PEI costs about $20 via amazon in the US.

  • its was 0.8mm pei sheet from amazon, it worked great until this has happened, i just decided to remove it, and clean up the bed for the classic techniques

  • I use a Pei sheet from Gizmo Dorks on amazon on both of my Ender 3 pros, along with a glass bed. When i applied mine you peal back the adhesive and apply roll out as much air as possible. Then heat the bed to 80-90C applying constant even pressure. Ive never had an issue with it coming up like that, Tough that may be because of my glass bed. good luck to you!

  • It doesn't look like the PEI I got from amazon. Mine is hard sheet, barely flexible and much tougher.

    Try these from amazon:
    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074XG1NDM ## 1mm pei
    3M 468MP ## 3M high temp adhesive

  • I see, the sheet was thick, unbendable, however was clear... not sure what it was then, Ill let amazon know...
    I did manage to change from that to a Buildtak like print surface... and with my self eyeing the first layer. and always baby stepping. I believe that i have resolved the issue of always digging into the build surface, which afraid has become very expensive in replacing for everytime i have an accurate Z offset.

    For any experiencing the same thing it is not worth the hassle. So ensure by the time you've bed leveled your nozzle is always above... the bed and barely touching it.

  • This is the stuff I buy. It's definitely PEI.

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