CoreXY infill not connecting to ~45 degree walls

  • Been using my duetwifi based corexy for quite some time now, and I've just noticed that in some instances, the infill does not like to connect to walls. This seems like a motion planning thing to me, since I can't feel any backlash in the belts. The problem also only propagates in the same directions every time, it does not change like it should if there were backlash.

    I've uploaded an image that shows the issue.

    In the image, the long arms are along X and Y axes, and the short flats are on 45 degrees. The short sides that are on the top and the right side are the ones that have no connection between infill and perimeter, while the other sides seem properly connected.

    any ideas?0_1561676675047_IMG_20190627_155535.jpg

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    It's possible your jerk setting is a little high so that it's cornering very quickly.

    But I think I would instead adjust the slicer setting for infill overlap.

  • You can check your backlash using this model

  • The infill does connect to the wall on one side, but on the opposite side it does not. That's classic backlash behavior.

    Look closely at the first layer as it is printing. Do the solid infill lines look like they are laid down in pairs, with a gap between the pairs? That is also a symptom of backlash.

  • @mrehorstdmd Nope, all lines except for where it starts and stops extrusion are equally spaced, at least by my eye.

    The start and ends are misaligned though, but instead of with the long direction of each line, they're misaligned width wise. so like this ////// / instead of |||||l

    All my belts and pulleys are tight so I'm gonna have a tough time finding any backlash.

    Do you think a busted bearing could cause this behavior?

  • @phaedrux I'm already at 50% overlap and it still hasn't been fixed, so I'll be looking at my hardware I think.

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