Inconsistent extrusion

  • @deckingman Well if I look at the curve in DWC it's a ery stright line, I'm using a 50W heater.
    I got a Bondtech BMG with aproximatly 50cm of capricorn tube, so there's no slipping what so ever.

  • @haggan90 I wasn't thinking about the curve fit as such, but rather is the temperature stable during the print or does it fluctuate?

    Good news about the extruder - I use them too and find they are much better than the Titans I used to have (not that any of that helps you).

  • @deckingman I can't say that I see any fluctations in the temperature, but ofc it can have something to do with the temp. But I think it's such a strange behavior...

  • What sort of printer is that from? The first several lines appear to have the same period, which reminds me of Z-axis leadscrew wobble that I had to deal with on my original cheap cartesian printer, which had leadscrews directly hard-coupled to the stepper motors. Simply swapping out the hard links to those helical spring links made that go away on that printer. Are you seeing this effect on tall towers and whatnot, consistently?

  • @sethipus Hi, I'm using a self-made printer.
    The printer uses belts for the Z axis, so there's no wobbel on the Z axis at all.
    I would say it's not very consistent at all.

  • Is it possible you're using some cheap filament with fairly strongly varying diameter? Maybe if it varies from, say, 1.70 to 1.76mm or whatever over its length that would make enough of a difference in extruded volume to generate these line thickness differences?

  • Compare the lines to your gcode preview, do they match where the slicer has tried to hide the seam?

  • @sethipus Iv'e tried several diffrent brands with same result.

  • Looks like sections where the printer has either been slowing down because of a minium layer time feature of the slicer or perhaps the oposite where there is a significant slow down in layer time.

    Do the bands line up with changes of geometry?

    Try disabling any minimum layer time slow down features on the slicer and just add more parts to slow it down instead.

  • @phaedrux no not really, same result when printing in vase mode as well.

  • @doctrucker Hi,

    I've tried printing in vase mode with consistent speed and still the same deflection in the layer lines.
    It should be said the the picture is taken in the worst angle possible, if you look at the print straight on you don't see the variations at all.

  • Could this has something to do with the fact the I have 50cm ow capricorn bowden tube?

  • @haggan90
    It's quite possible since capricorn tube has tight tolerances and if you don't use high quality filament that itself has tight tolerances it could be binding in the capricorn tube. I tried capricorn tube early on and gave up on it on my Ender 3 and went back to normal white PTFE tubing until I went direct extruder.

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