Add encoder to ender 3

  • HI I want to add an cheep encoder to ender 3 for layer shift and crash dection and recovery
    what do i need to do for software for close loop mointoring

  • @poohzaza hi, please tell us what you want to achieve or what your problem is. Following your question, you seem to have probelms with the Z movement of your print bed, but I speculate. Maybe you have a hardware problem which can be solved easier than by software.

  • @JoergS5
    HI thanks for replying what i want to archive is add feture of prusa mk3 smart feature to ender 3
    layer shift dection and recovery
    from what i under stand form reading prusa mk3 firmware is if stall condection were found stop print and re home and carry on printing
    i try to do this on marlin but i found that you need to re write a lot of firmware
    and reprap firmware it is bulid in to firmware but i coud not get stall dection working properly and after reading on the duets forum you need a close loop step motor to do this and i have an idea to use cheep encoder to make feedback system

  • You don't need a closed loop motor for stall detection. See for an introduction to how to do this on Duet2 Wifi.

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