I'm in love

  • After having my "A-HA" moment and figuring out how everything works on the Duet, I am NEVER going back to Marlin or anything else. This is the best platform.

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    @skivvy, thanks for the feedback!

  • Being able to change the configuration without having to recompile the binary is gold.

  • @dc42 The best way i can describe it is like going to a restaurant. With Marlin, you go in, they hand you a menu and you decide what you want.

    With the Duet, you go into the kitchen and cook whatever the hell you want.

  • @skivvy i was the same when I bought my first duet...I like it very much...

  • @skivvy I would change that to, a restaurant with a menu of the length of a Bible that has the 8 items you want, but they are all scattered amongst it's many pages, and it takes a while to get your order, and you don't know if those are actually the right items, and if they aren't cooked right, you have to go back to the restaurant supply company to fix it rather than have the sheff fix it...

    Reprapfirmware is like a buffet that's cooked perfectly has everything you need to customize right in front of you.

  • I think you guys all swallowed some happy pills ....
    While I like my Duet 2 very much, I have run across many things it can't do (yet). Some things are exotic but other things not so much (like being able to do basic decision logic in a macro).
    Apparently logic is one of the new things in the new version of the software and I am looking forward to the day when I upgrade but the point is that it is not the ultimate do everything setup. It can't be, there is no such thing.

  • In the restaurant/buffet analogies above, one could add that there might be something you want that isn't on the menu. In which case, you can ask for it and you'll likely get it but you might have to wait for someone to go out and get the ingredients, then prepare it. And whilst vegetarianism, veganism, nut allergies and most other diets are catered for, there will always be people with unusual dietary requirements that want something else.

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