dc 42 ir sensor problem?

  • Hello..
    I have litlle or none experience with this board material...
    Using a duet 2 maestro, cartesian printer, dr42 ir sensor, aluminium bed with temperad glass 4mm

    I try to use the dc42 ir sensor and maybe 2 weeks every day try to calibrate without sucess..

    Tried with clean aluminium bed to detect in the same spot..
    Other times triggers.

    Tried with black paint the same result..

    Tried wit a sheet of black papper under the glass and in the same place sometimes triggers other time no trigger...

    Anyone has this type of problem?

  • Only yesterday I installed an IR probe on a Cartesian (with mamurobot PP plate). Following the instructions from @dc42's website (https://miscsolutions.wordpress.com/mini-height-sensor-board/) I was able to get repeatable measurements pretty quickly.

  • @oliof said in dc 42 ir sensor problem?:

    mamurobot PP plate

    Going to see


  • see what result variation you are getting by using this script

  • i tried several times in the same spot...
    Around 4 to 7 times...
    With G30 S-1 with a variation between 0.005 / 0.019
    I think that this values is Ok..
    Then go to new position do the same goes ok...

    Put more or less temperature (60 to 90ΒΊC) on the bed..
    go to others spots that i used..
    Same times works others fails...
    With glass, no glass, with black papper, no papper, paint bed with ink that goes around 600ΒΊC (maybe)..

    Have the same results.. sometimes works sometimes won't work..

    Tried manually...
    Nozzle in Z0 in the bed a sheet of paper between the glass and the nozzle..
    Regulated the sensor to trigger that distance..
    OK.. Stays fine and working...
    Do a G30 and the distance and coordinate is well...

    Take the nozzle a walk around the bed.. πŸ˜‚

    Go to the beginning try to make a G30..
    The sensor won't trigger and the nozzle hit the bed..
    Reboot the software..
    Repeat the same... Sensor works...
    Repeat the process.. With luck works... Or else do everything again...
    That's what happens..

    Great! No problem...

  • @Lc1975 said in dc 42 ir sensor problem?:

    Same times works others fails...

    how does the macro fail? whats the output of the macro?

  • @Veti give me 20m to get home and do that macro..
    What I told until now is what happen since I bought the sensor...
    Worked 1 or 2 times... Then repeat the same process and doesn't work...

  • 03/11/2019, 15:11:59	M98 P"0:/macros/bed"
    G32 bed probe heights: -0.379 -0.377 -0.377 -0.372 -0.376 -0.378 -0.380 -0.375 -0.378 -0.379, mean -0.377, deviation from mean 0.002
    03/11/2019, 15:11:59	M292
    G32 bed probe heights: -0.379 -0.377 -0.377 -0.372 -0.376 -0.378 -0.380 -0.375 -0.378 -0.379, mean -0.377, deviation from mean 0.002

    This is the result

  • @Lc1975 said in dc 42 ir sensor problem?:


    is that at the position where you homed? it should be close to 0.

  • @Veti
    Yes that's the Z0

    After change to a new black card sheet..

    03/11/2019, 15:29:55	G29
    36 points probed, min error -0.364, max error 0.352, mean -0.054, deviation 0.169
    Height map saved to file heightmap.csv

    I think that this is the first time that i have made a G29 without problems....

  • My mistake.. Thinking that problem was solved......

    Doing other Bed Leveling with G29 without touching in nothing...
    Bam.. the nozzle hits the bed and no trigger from dc42 ir

    I don't know is is normal...
    When doing the bed leveling the sensor in DWC on the "sensor" rarelly appears numbers even when the light is trigered..
    I saw maybe 3 times "1000" then almost always "0"


  • @Lc1975 said in dc 42 ir sensor problem?:

    I saw maybe 3 times "1000" then almost always "0"

    are you using 1000? as a trigger value? if not slow down the probing speed. if so use a lower value.

  • @Veti
    I have this:

    ; Z-Probe
    M558 X0 Y0 Z1 P8 H5 A2 S0.08 F200 T4000 ; enable Z probe but set dive height, probe speed and travel speed
    G31 P500 X0 Y13 Z0.03 ; trigger the probe
    M671 X50:250 Y60:250 S50 ; define mesh grid

  • use P1


    Mini differential IR sensor by dc42

    Connect the VCC, GND and OUT pins of the sensor to 3.3V, GND and IN respectively on the Z probe connector, and select mode 1

  • @Veti
    tried P1
    same result...
    Just triyng to see if other results..

  • The first picture was the first probe G29
    And here the sensor showed "0" in DWC

    This one was after a 1h +/-
    This one hit the bed... And the same here.. Showed "0"

    And after reboot and move axis to the same place and manually Z0 the nozzle the sensor trigered...
    And doing a G30...
    Stays ok and the sensor shows "1000"

  • have you tried the test without the glass?

  • Yes...
    Same result...
    Painted with mate black and no paint...
    This moment has a black mate papper under the glass..

  • After a G30
    I do this:
    G30 S-1 stopped at height 0.064 mm

    Then i use the macro that you told me to use.. And the result....
    Hit the bed!

  • does the led blink on the first and not on the second attempt?

  • @Veti
    wait a moment.. i made a little video with this order:
    G30 S-1
    Then the macro...
    And when use the macro hits the bed...
    Just uploading to ondrive

    Here is the link of video
    printer sensor problem

    As you can see the Z-Probe is always between 5 and 1000 in DWC

  • G30...
    G30 S-1...

    Works well...
    Doing G29 or a G32 or the macro
    The sensor won't work..
    Or it can work..
    1 in 10 times πŸ˜‚


    Board: Duet Maestro 1.0
    Firmware: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 Maestro 2.04RC4 (2019-10-19b1)
    Duet Web Control 2.0.4

  • hmm. other than a bad a crimp i have no idea.

  • Almost quit from using this...
    Maybe reverse to marlin or quit for good this kind of hobby....

  • maybe the ir sensor is faulty. @dc42 what do you think?

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