smart effector 12v/24v jumper question

  • I just read:
    "Compatible with 12V and 24V heaters, and 12V and 24V hot end fan power (jumper selectable, see note below)"

    My question is that if I might have a 24V psu, and the jumper set to 12V, what voltage should I have at the hot end fan?

    I don´t mind dimming the leds (partially obstructed by fans) but rather have a 12v noctua fan with out buck converter


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    The 12V/24V jumper only affects the illumination LEDs. They are powered by the heatsink fan supply. Therefore, you should set that jumper according to the voltage you are supplying to the heatsink fan. If you use a 12V fan then you will need to use a buck converter.

  • thanks, That´s what I will do, duet fan section Vin pin to input of buck(24V) and Vfan to output of the buck (12v) so they are fuse protectect. just as stated at the wiki.

  • Can I have 24V on the heater itself and 12V on all the fans?

    Just need to know what fans I should order, PSU is 24V and I have a bunchload of buck converters. I would however prefer to have them mounted in the electronics enclosure and not directly on the smart effector..

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    @bberger said in smart effector 12v/24v jumper question:

    Can I have 24V on the heater itself and 12V on all the fans?

    Yes. The fan and heaters on the Smart Effector have individual positive supply pins on the 6-way connector, so they can all be different voltages.

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