pt100 vs pt1000

  • So, I'd like to ask for a piece of your experience ... Why do everyone go for a pt100 sensor despite the additional cabling, daughterboard, etc. instead of a pt1000 which is 2wire and natively supported?

    I looked at comparisons and cewed threw multiple related topics around the net, but I could not find the reason. What am I missing?

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    • PT1000 sensors in 3mm cartridges used to be hard to find, but they are now readily available.
    • PT100 sensors give better resolution, but the resolution of PT1000 sensors is adequate for 3D printing.
    • PT100 sensors used with a 4-wire connection give better absolute accuracy than PT1000. But PT1000 should be accurate enough.

  • Thanks @dc42 !

    But I surmise they are still way better then thermistors, right?

  • @denke said in pt100 vs pt1000:

    But I surmise they are still way better then thermistors, right?

    it depends on your application. for most 3d printing a good thermistor like a semitec 104-gt2 thermistor is good enough.

  • @denke To add to what @Veti has said, thermistors are more than adequate for 3D printing because we tend to print at whatever temperature gives the best results for a particular filament. So it really does not matter if the displayed value is a couple of degrees or so different from the real value as measured by some other means. And as a general rule, 5 degrees or so either side of the optimum value makes very little difference if any.

    As an aside, I found that PT100s were more susceptible to noise on one printer configuration, which tends to play havoc with the PID algorithm and so the "controlled" temperature always ran 3 or 4 degrees higher than the set temperature. Changing the PT100 to a simple thermistor cured the problem (but so would screened cable in all likely hood).

  • @deckingman
    Thanks for your reply!

    Since I changed my old aluminum block to a wew cartridge type copper one, I need to buy a reliable cartridge. I wanted to bear down on the quality side, I just could not imagine why do people buy the pt100 when it has many problems (like the one You experienced) and it needs extra cabling and hardware, whereas they could just go for the pt1000.
    Since a quality cartridge thermistor (with known values...) is comparable in price with a pt1000, I decided on the later one, and just wanted some comfirmation. Thanks everyone for the valuable info!

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