Dual gear extruder drive

  • I am thinking of changing my single gear extrder on my CR10 to a dual gear system.
    I have the choice of Bondtech, Bondtech clone (both with 3:1 reduction) or going with a dual gear drive without gear reduction.


    backlash with a gear reduction drive - is it an issue and should I stay with an un-geared system?

    Does a clone setup at about 1/4 of the price of the real thing produce a good result or will I get substantially more precision by going with the real Bondtech (the prices are just nuts)

    What can I expect for a maximum retract speed with the 3:1 gear ?

  • I tried a lot of clone extruders until I got my first Bondtech. Once I used it, I started replacing everything else I had as I could afford it. To your questions:

    • Backlash - non issue.
    • Clone - Can't answer that without knowing which clone. And even then, I couldn't answer, I've always purchased the real ones.
    • Max retract speed - don't know the math, because this has been a non-issue.

    Me personally, I won't have anything else.

  • Great, thanks! Not what I wanted to hear but I suspected that would be likely the way it would go.
    $179 CDN ... ouch ..... for a BMG-X2.

  • Maybe someone will chime in with a good clone.

  • All the ones I have are BMGs (no X2), Still $79.85 USD at Printed Solid.

  • @jens55 said in Dual gear extruder drive:


    what about the new e3d Hemera? i am intrigued by it but waiting for the smaller motor version.

  • I am waiting for confirmation from my supplier but I think the BMG-X2 can only be used with the Chimera/Cyclops in a direct extruder configuration rather than a bowden setup. I am not yet prepared to go direct.
    The extruder for a CR-10 is $115 CDN each with no motor (the BMG-X2 was a two extruder configuration with motors). Last night I decided to blow $17 CDN for a Chinese clone to see what I get. I fully expect it to be lower quality but by the time taxes are included the real thing is about ten times (!!!) the cost of a clone which is crazy.
    My curiosity will be satisfied by the end of January.
    Re the Hermera, I would like to stick with my Chimera setup for now.

  • Keep us posted! It will be very interesting to see how that all works out.

  • I have had a bondtech QR, Bondtech BMG and the BMG x2 as well as a few clones, I ended up designing and printing my own gear housings and just using the gears from them. The Clone gears wear out much faster than the genuine bondtech gears so now I just buy bontech gears and parts.

    I have customized my housings to work with the printer design I am working with rather than conforming to the standard Bondtech designs. I highly recommend going dual gear over single gear, you will not regret it.

    Just a side note on the BMG x2, I never did get it working to my satisfaction although that was not a reflection on the extruder but more on the E3D Chimera (genuine). I personally cannot recommend the Chimera/Cyclops as a hotend.

  • The only issue I have with the Chimera is it's tendency to string with a Volcano hot end but I always felt that was due to the large melt chamber in the Volcano.
    I am looking forward to receiving the clone BMG. If the concept improves things to the extent everybody says it does then I don't mind spending money on the original but spending that kind of money without feeling confident on the result seems a bit foolish.
    Can you confirm that the BMG-X2 can not be used in a bowden tube setup ?

  • I'm not ashamed to say the TriangleLabs bmg clones work the same as the originals. I bought the clone to see how I would like them. Then bought the originals to support the company that actually put in the RnD. Sorry to say they print exactly the same. I will always say support genuine products but if cost is a limiting factor, majority of the stuff coming out of trianglelabs is top notch. Side note, the TL e3d titan clones are actually better than the original e3d products.

  • Good to know! Here is hoping ....

  • @Veti said in Dual gear extruder drive:

    what about the new e3d Hemera? i am intrigued by it but waiting for the smaller motor version.

    I presume for a direct extruder configuration. Same here though in a recent video, Tom compared overall weights and if I recall correctly, it was not as bad as it looks.

    The hemera has a very short path from the extruder to the nozzle. Same for some metal BMG clones that uses the extruder body as a heatsink.

  • @jens55
    The x2 is not designed to be used with a bowden set up but that does not mean that it cannot be modified to work. Here is an image of the bottom of the main body of mine.
    I suppose you could drill out the plastic holes to fit a push-in fitting for the bowden tube.


  • Thanks ! That is exactly the view I was looking for and that isn't published anywhere.
    Probably doesn't even need to be drilled out, just print a tight fitting press fit internally threaded adapter to fit into the recess, screw in a regular pneumatic fitting and Bob is your uncle. I use that method in a couple of other areas and it's working well.

    Good to know that this is another option.

  • @jens55
    The dimensions of those larger diameter holes is 10mm diameter x 5mm deep.
    the depth of the internal hole is about 17mm that fits the PTFE tube.

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