Duet 2 Wifi on a Wanhao Duplicator 6?

  • Maybe that could work for you.

  • @DIY-O-Sphere
    Yeah, saw that too, but like I said: "No easy option" πŸ™‚ But even if that doesn't work for me, it's still worth it to swap the boards .

  • @PXP11
    I am not familiar with the stock firmware of the duplicator.
    But I do know marlin. Witch should be working pretty similar.

    As I have a custom build printer I had to figure out so much settings.
    And the necessary compiling was annoying....
    Also the swapping of the SD-card....
    With the Duet everything goes so easy.
    It’s even possible to send Gcodes on the fly.
    That is a smart way for tweaking....

    For me it was worth to change to RRF/Duet.
    But it depends on you own requirements....

    Just too clarify:
    Have you already purchased a Duet WIFI?
    Maybe the Maestro would also be an option.

  • @DIY-O-Sphere
    Well I don't know either what the original firmware was based on. Swapped to Marlin pretty quickly. I'm also happily editing stuff in there. This goes well as long as someone else has done the same thing before me :-).

    And no, I haven't made a purchasing decision yet. But the important thing for me is the wifi connectivity. I don't want to plug the ethernet cable into my laptop every time I want to use the printer. And I also don't have the option to connect it to a router directly.
    Or is there another way? Am I missing something about the ethernet concept?

  • The printer itself could be WiFi or Ether without affecting the laptop.

    All of mine are WiFi.

  • Workflow:

    1. Slice
    2. Send to printer
    3. Print

    Note I didn't say preheat. The slicer start code should do this. Of course you can do it if you wish.

    Step (2) may or may not be built in to the slicer. If not, save a file, use Printer Web Interface to upload. Very quick/easy.

    Step (3) may or may not be built into the slicer. If not, via Printer Web, select a file that is on the printer, and start print. Note this could be the one you just uploaded, or any file you've uploaded in the past (as long as you haven't deleted it from the printer)

    Note "on the printer" in (3). Once you've started a print, the Web Browser that did that is no longer needed. Power of the PC or whatever.

  • @PXP11
    If you must have WiFI you can make a work around by setting up an access point near the printer.
    Additional costs 20€
    And it would provide the opportunity to use a LCD.

  • Moderator

    @PXP11 If having an LCD display is important, get a Maestro (only 12864 LCDs are supported) and use an ethernet wifi router/dongle as a bridge between the Maestro and Wifi. If you can live without the LCD, get a Duet Wifi and any old/cheap wifi-capable phone/tablet, mount the phone/tablet on the printer, and run the Duet Web Control on that.

    There is also PrintEye, that should run on any Duet, but requires some extra hardware. https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/12197/printeye-simple-information-panel-for-duet-boards


  • I think, after reading all your helpful advice, I have made a decision. Duet 2 wifi it is and I'll take the old phone as a new screen. This way I know it will work πŸ™‚ .
    Is there a non sketchy way to use the 5V from the board to permanently power the phone or is this a bad idea?

  • You'd be better of with a separate power supply.

  • You should separate that.

  • Thought so...
    Anyway thanks a lot for the helpful advice and I'll be back, most likely when I start the wiring πŸ˜‰

  • Well there is one last question I guess: I'd realy like to keep the ribbon cable (just looks so clean πŸ˜„ ). It's a 2x8 pin DIN 41651 connector. Can I just use it to go up to the board and then split the cable off into the corresponding connection points for extruder stepper, thermistor, heater and fans?
    There will of course be a seperating connector in between.!

    Ugly sketch to show my intent:
    The 2x and 4x are representing the number of wires.


    The connector if someone wonders what DIN DIN 41651 2x8 looks like:

  • @PXP11 said in Duet 2 Wifi on a Wanhao Duplicator 6?:

    Can I just use it to go up to the board and then split the cable off into the corresponding connection points for extruder stepper, thermistor, heater and fans?


    maybe can inspire? could add a 16p one if it helps..

  • @bearer
    Well yes that's more or less the idea I had in mind. Just there will be 3x 2-pin, 1x 4-pin and the two heater leads on the ends instead of the male connection pins.

  • Sure, can turn it into whatever you need, i just used it to collect a couple of 1x2 and 1x4 dupont wires into a shrouded 2x8, the other ends were fitted with molex that fit the duet

  • @bearer
    So basically you did the same thing as I have in mind and it works?

  • I fitted a Maestro in an Tiertime Up Mini 2, making adapters for all the originals cables and plugs. But yeah works, although I did change the heater screw terminal on the Duet to a pluggable one.

  • @bearer
    Perfect! Thank you very much!πŸ‘

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