Duet3 - RPi system commands through g-code

  • As previously stated, I am new to Duet. For all my other setups, they rely on OctoPrint. There is an OctoPrint plugin I rely on quite heavily for automation that allows unique g-codes to call system commands / scripts.


    Now that the Duet 3 is incorporating an RPi, can this be accomplished? Is porting something like this possible?

  • Yes, but...

    Conditional G-Code is being rolled out. This seriously minimizes the need for Pi scripting.

    Having said that, what would you like to do on the Pi?

  • @gtj0 Thanks! I'm in hopes this leads me in the right direction,..

  • @Danal Here's one - I have a script that can turn wemo smart switches on and off based on local IP (no cloud). I currently use this to toggle the enclosure heaters before and after each print. I also use it to toggle an exhaust fan at the end of each print to help cool down the enclosure.

  • @gfisher You can do all that sort of stuff just with the Duet bare board - no need for scripts or the RPi. That is to say, you can use gcode commands to control heater and/or fan outputs and/or other io pins but you might need to have some sort of interface such as a mosfet or sold state relay between the Duet and whatever it is that you want to control. But activation can be simple gcode commands that you put in your slicer start and end gcode section. Or you use macros, but to simply toggle things on and off at the start and end of a print doesn't even warrant a macro.

    Edit, It's just extending things that everybody does at the start of a print such as setting the hot end and bed heaters and turning them on, along with cooling fans.

  • @deckingman That is, for sure, the long term plan.. I was just looking for a quick and dirty way to port over from OctoPrint. I can also think of a lot of stopgaps until the plug-ins for Duet catch up to Octoprint.. alerting for one.

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