Y offset correction

  • I have a Maestro board running RRF3.

    I have tried but cannot fathom it out as G10 is something different now.

    I have lost Y axis build area, since I installed a Titan Aero extruder mount.
    I know how much Y I have lost, 20mm, but do not know how to tell the Duet how to compensate for it.

    Please could someone assist, as I am lost.



  • Can't you just substract 20mm form your Axis maxima ?

  • did you mean that your y endstop is now on position -20?
    if yes you can set the Axis axis minima Limits with:
    M208 Y-20 X0 Z0 S1

  • Thanks for your replies.
    This is my current M208

    M208 X0:235 Y0:235 Z0:235 S0                       ; set axis minima:maxima

    My bed is still the same size.
    X0 is correct, it is Y that is wrong.
    When Y is at 0, the nozzle is over the control box of my Ender3, due to the Hangtight mount I am using, it has created an offset.
    I have enough travel on the bed to be able to offset this dimensional discrepancy, but as I said, I am not sure how!

    So, could I use Y20:255 in the M208 command?

    Thanks again,


  • @PaulHew said in Y offset correction:

    When Y is at 0, the nozzle is over the control box of my Ender3

    This means the nozzle is so 20mm out from the bed (pos. 0) ? or 20 mm to far in the bed?

  • so when Y hits the endstop, that is zero, but the nozzle is off the bed.

    Hope that makes sense


  • ok so you have to move your head 20mm to reach your bed, in this case is the endstop on -20 mm and the bed is 0?

    M208 X0:235 Y-20:235 Z0:235 S0                       ; set axis minima:maxima

  • Thank you, I will try when it has finished printing.


  • @SIam Thank you, That worked.
    Appreciate the help

    Kind Regards,

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