Tevo Little Monster wiring on a Duet3D WiFi

  • I brought a duet because of all the trouble I had with the original MKS subbase and need some help with a few connections.
    I have a label that reads “Heater 1” and another label that reads “Heater 2” on my TLM, can you or someone else explain where these connect on a Duet3D Wi-Fi Board. Also I have a label “Cooling Fan 1” and a label “Cooling Fan 2” that I need help with also.
    Thanks in advance, Chris

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    Have you seen the wiring diagram?


    Do you know which of heater 1 and heater 2 is the hotend and which is the bed? Same for the fans? Can you trace back the wiring?

    The bed heater would go to the heated bed terminals obviously. And the hotend to heater E0.

    Same for the cooling fans, do you know which is the hotend and which is the part cooling?

    The part cooling fan would go to fan0, and the hotend to fan1.

  • @Phaedrux
    Read your response and took a brake went and got sum Pizza and the solution was their. I resolved the problem, Heater 1 wiring was the red and Heater 2 was the black and they connect to the PWM FANS on the duet. Same for the Cooling Fan 1 and Cooling Fan2. You know how the solution is right in your face but you can't see it.

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