New Magnetic filament sensor from Filastruder misbehaving...

  • To disable it, send

    M591 D0 P0

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  • Now that I know how not to use my new $60 sensor, any advice on how to make it work @DC42?

    Based on the info I provided, do you have any guidance?

    Could I just have a wonky sensor?

    The instructions are relatively sparse, and I don't find much at all online.. If I find anything, it's about an Alibaba sensor clone.

    So I guess my big thing is: what exactly is the sensor doing? When it says too little movement, is it averaging? or can travel portions where the extruder does not extrude, cause it to fall below the threshold?

    I'm trying to do this on my own, but I'm just not finding much to work with info wise!

    My sincerest thanks!

  • Is there perhaps a better place to go to get support for a duet product? I posted about 4 days ago, and @DC42 has even dropped by my comment, asked a question that I answered earlier in the post, but didn't answer any of the questions I posed. Is hardware supported by another group? I just don't understand why it takes 5-6 days to get a question answered by Duet.

    The other users try to be helpful, and I appreciate this, but Here I am still, a week after purchasing a $65 filament sensor, and it won't work as it is supposed to. I followed instructions to the very letter, I posted that my filament sensor would not even light up until I unscrewed the body, and since then, It's powered up and flashing appropriately, but reporting values all over the spectrum. I did as best as I could by following the directions for calibration... Doing exactly as it tells you to do it, I get an error every time.

    So, is there somewhere I need to go to actually get some support? Am I supposed to file a claim with Filastruder? What's the official process here?

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    Sorry for the delay. Not sure what else to try at this point. Please hold tight while we get some more eyes on it.

  • @Steve-Lynch said in New Magnetic filament sensor from Filastruder misbehaving...:

    I set the filament sensor to A2 per your wiki, to only read during moves where it's extruding... Is this good?

    Believe you mean A0? And only reading during printing moves? A2 isn't in the documentation.

    The readings you posted do seem a little to vary quite a bit. Could the monitor be too far from the extruder for accurate results?

    How about connecting a microswitch to the magnetic filament monitor and using it to detect filament run outs? Change the sensitivity to be 5:200 so it doesn't trip the extrusion rate until you figure out what's going on?

    I've had issues with the nimble skipping and under extruding. Most of the time it's not noticeable to the eye but the monitor detects it. Doesn't explain the over extruding but the long bowden tube might.

    Just a couple of ideas. Good luck!

  • @Phaedrux Cool! I Just don't want to be that guy who's asking support questions in the wrong forum! lol

  • @mwolter yes, I mean A0, It was a Typo.. I have it set right in my config.G. sorry!

  • @dc42 @T3P3Tony Could we have some assistance here, please?

  • @Steve-Lynch said in New Magnetic filament sensor from Filastruder misbehaving...:

    So i took the sensor out of the housing, and probed it, and once I put it back together, it started flashing as expected... Who Knows?

    What does probing mean in this context? And you're saying it made a difference?

    I'd be inclined to have a close look at the board, ideally well focused close up picture posted for review.

    Also review there is a bit of missing information in your post.

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    This has been escalated to me.

    @Steve-Lynch said in New Magnetic filament sensor from Filastruder misbehaving...:

    Sensor is before the extruder. I'm using a zesty Nimble, so there's no way to mount it on the extruder.. It's mounted about 10 inches away from it, but the filament is being pulled through it, not pushed.

    That's likely to be the reason you are not getting good results. When filament is retracted, it will bunch up in that 10 inches of tubing.

    I suggest you increase the sample length (M591 E parameter) from the default 3mm. Try 6mm or 10mm, or even 20mm. Since you have 10 inches between the sensor and the extruder, even if you increase sample length to nearly 10 inches, you would still detect an out-of-filament situation in time.

    I don't understand why using a Nimble means that you can't mount it on the extruder. I guess that has more to do with your print carriage design.

    Is there a G code I can send to disable filament sensing?

    Yes, see the S parameter of the M591 command.

    Also, If I make an adjustment while it's paused, and save it, does the duet need to re-boot?

    No, the new values will be used immediately.

    Last thing... the light is in fact blinking as it should, even when it says that there are no readings... I don't see any info about adjusting the magnet, or AGC, I assume that's because we don't need to touch that?

    What do you mean by "no readings"? Do you mean "no data received", or "no calibration data" ?

    AGC is a measure of how well the sensor is picking up the magnet. Lower is better. It should be below 100.

  • Thanks! What I was referring to was the fact that no calibration data at all was being reported. I extruded maybe 600MM of filament, and the web control reported that there was no movement, or whatever the message was.. i apologize, but I don't remember the exact message any more.. It's totally cool! I obviously bought the wrong tool for My job. I just wanted a simple filament sensor, and figured I'd keep it all in the same eco system. This sensor monitors and provides data that really is no use to me, so I removed it already. I'm printing a regular old $4 "magnet and ball bearing" filament runout sensor, as that's really all I needed. My carriage is barely larger than the MGN12H bearing, and my wiring is so meticulous, that I didn't want to tear it apart again. my machine is dialed in so well, That I'm actually living with a noisy bearing, (has no effect on the print quality) as I just don't want to mess it up until I finish this month's run of parts. It's on me... I should have researched what I was buying.Everything else is, and has been wonderful, so all is good!

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    @Steve-Lynch said in New Magnetic filament sensor from Filastruder misbehaving...:

    What I was referring to was the fact that no calibration data at all was being reported.

    You have to run part of a print from SD card to get calibration data. Manual extrusion isn't enough because it doesn't include retractions, which are important when calibrating.

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