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  • Hi all, we are excited to finally show off the near final design of our machine. It is powered by a Duet3 and a toolboard mounted to the extruder. A video of it running at 400mm/s in all axes is posted below at our Instagram.

    We have so much to learn about the Duet framework as our past experience has always been with Marlin, but we are ramping up fast..!


  • Awsome machine, well done!
    Do you have any print samples to show off ?

  • @jens55 said in oozeBot prototype:

    Awsome machine, well done!
    Do you have any print samples to show off ?

    Thank you! We do have samples from previous iterations, but not yet from the near final design. That should be coming soon..

    The travel on the prototype is 33x33x33cm but we plan on also offering larger designs and also have an IDEX version in the works..

  • Are you running belts for Z? How many Z motors?
    I am very curious to hear what other people have to say about your Z setup!

  • @jens55 yes, Z is belt driven utilizing two steppers. I’ve posted a pic on Instagram of the relay board we are using as a motor brake when power is removed..

  • @oozeBot Nice design. It reminds me of the VORON2 printer, but cool that the z only uses 2 motors.

    I looked at the post for the Z motor brake. Does the relay always remain powered (even if the printer is off) in order to short the coils?

  • @jpomo10 thanks! The relays only short the windings when power is removed.. with the proper belt tension, it holds its position.

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    That's quite the belt arrangement on the XY axis. Is that fo tensioning and getting it routed around the rods? How long is the belt?

    What kind of compliance, if any, is built into the Z axis bearing mounts? How is the XY stage trammed with the bed? The Voron 2 uses 4 motors on the Z axis so that it can be auto leveled. I don't see how you could manage that with only 2 motors. Is the bed truly fixed, or does it have adjustment capabilities as well?

  • @Phaedrux - Yes, the XY belt layout is to both get around the smooth rods and Z-belt as well as for tensioning - it works great!

    The version in the video is using a single Igus 12mm bushing on each smooth rod. An updated version should be ready in the next few days that uses two bushings each.. we'll see if it is necessary or not.

    Here are some photos of the z-belt connections. The piece that fits against the teeth is ribbed to properly seat itself into the belt and the holes are over-sized to allow it to properly fit in the front (more on that in a second).

    rear connection:

    front connection:

    The rear is where the ends of the belt come together. After it is tightened (with the front connection removed), proper belt tension is applied. Then, the XY mechanism (still working on a good name) is leveled. Once leveled, the front connections are tightened onto the belt. The belt is now locked in place and the XY mechanism has no ability to lose alignment.

    Yes, the bed itself is adjustable for fine tuning.


  • @oozeBot Is there an advantage to moving the gantry for the Z vs the bed?

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    @msaeger In a very large printer with a huge bed, yes for sure, since the bed can stay perfectly stationary. In a printer this size I'm not sure the advantage is really huge, and there is a bit more complexity involved in moving the gantry compared to the bed. Just my opinion.

  • @msaeger sorry for the delay in response - we've been heads down making ppe mask bands for the last two weeks straight. I agree with @Phaedrux that the advantages come with larger machines. This 30x30cm machine we've prototyped is the smallest we are going to offer. Our next build will utilize a 40x40cm bed, and it's here and above that we believe the design will really begin to stand out. Sneak peak - the next build will also utilize IDEX.

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