Recomendation for a Diy 3d printer

  • Hi,

    I have a Delta printer, and I want to build a Second 3d printer... For Print small objects, minis... DLP printers dont like, the post processing of resin its hard...

    I am thinking in a CoreXY, with a 0.2 nozzle. With a Dual gear extruder in bowden setup, and 0.9 degree steppers. Printable área of 250x250x250...

    I have do some search in Google and there are a lot of projects... And I am a bit loose, any recomendation?


  • @peirof, if your goal are small high quality objects I would go with direct drive extruder. It will give you better print quality.

    As for choice of corexy design, I went with Hypercube Evolution. The design is flexible and you can customize the size.

    0.9 degrees and Dual Gear (BMG?) are a good choice IMO. As for 0.2mm nozzle, I don't have experience with it.

    My 2 cents.

  • ok, thanks...

    i have do test in my delta with 0.2 mm Nozzle, and the results are pretty good. But change nozzle when i d like to print small objects, and time that printer its doing these work (0.2 layers at speeds of 25 mm/sec).... the objects are small but time.... its looooongggg....

    For this, its the main reason for have a printer for this kind of works....

  • I agree with Zapta, a good solid, single extruder, direct extruder, CoreXY is going to be one of the most precise options out there.

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    Have a look at this small form factor corexy

  • If you build the Voron, don't forget to ask for a serial number


  • @peirof said in Recomendation for a Diy 3d printer:

    ... and 0.9 degree steppers.

    Another decision you will need to make is the pulley size, e.g. T16 vs T20. T16 will give you higher steps/mm but if it's not the default size for your design, you will need to make some adjustments to have the corexy belts parallel.

    Here is an example of a hypercube evo downsized to 200x200x200 with a direct extruder.

  • @zapta Thanks

  • Several people and one commercial supplier have made scaled copies of UMMD, my corexy printer, and by all reports they are as solid as the original.

  • And, I guess I should mention, because I am a HUGE fan of "Delta/Kossel", that second delta is also an option.

    I do believe that Delta 3D Printers should ALL have the Duet "smart effector", and Hayden "mag ball" arms, and run a simple calibration at the beginning of each print. Given a "nozzle IS the probe" (like the smart effector) and "calibrate at print start", they can be incredibly fast and precise.

    There is a reason that almost all factory automation belt pick, place, etc. are delta (or delta variants). These things cost big bucks and the designers could pick any kinematic. This is NOT sped up:

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