Repetier server and duet

  • Hi, I have successfully connected a duet to a raspberry with repetier server 0.93.1.
    What I can't to do is saving modified parameters in config.g
    For example I tried M503 than I sent M143 H3 S290 and sent M500, I resent M503 but the modified parameter didn't change at all, it was M143 H3 S300 and it still is M143 H3 S300...
    I already added M501 at the end of config.g
    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • M503 just dumps the contents of config.g. It does NOT dump the "live" settings. M500 saves certain settings like PID settings to config-override.g which M503 does not print. M501 just loads settings from config-override.g. Does Repetier server do something "special" that would make you think that parameters set with M143 would be saved somehow?

    Which Duet board are you using and which version of RRF is it running?

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    The behaviour of M500 in RRF is not the same as the save to eeprom behaviour in Marlin, repetier, etc.

  • @Phaedrux I know, but they have added RRF firmware compatibility as I can see. Anyways it's not repetier problem cause I tried directly from DWC via console and I've got the same problem. I think that I'm doing wrong with gcodes, could you tell me the method to show my parameters, change one and save it again via console? thanks

  • @gtj0 duet 2 ethernet, RRF version... I'm not sure cause it's not mine and who ask me for this didn't know. He told me that it should be the last one for duet 2

  • @Dario02 said in Repetier server and duet:

    could you tell me the method to show my parameters

    most (if not all?) of what gets saved with M500 is stored in /sys/config-override.g

    to review your current settings M503 will do the trick.

  • @bearer thanks but I don't want to use sys path cause I can't from repetier
    I mean that I can't like everyone do from DWC I have to do it via console

  • Then afaik your last option is to run each of the setting gcodes without parameters one by one and they'll spit out the current settings for that gcode. (for the most part at least). Or use DWC instead of repeteir server, its not the best utilization of the duet in any case.

  • @bearer it's not my choice xD

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    Well what you're asking to do isn't really possible.

    To change settings on the Duet you must edit config.g for them to be persistent between resets.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to do.

  • @Dario02 said in Repetier server and duet:

    a duet to a raspberry with repetier server 0.93.1

    I assume that means the Pi has a USB serial port plugged into the Duet Board USB port, and that the Pi is running repetier.

    The configuration above can send G-Codes to the Duet, and therefore could potentially print things, etc.

    The configuration above CANNOT be used to fully manage and configure a Duet printer. Configuration requires obtaining, editing, and saving, the config.g file. There are many ways to do this, none of them are by way of the USB connection.

    The ways that work include:

    • Access the Duet board via a network and use the provided web interface (DWC - Duet Web Control). The fetch/edit/save capability is built in to this interface.
    • Turn on FTP in the configuration of the printer (one time) and FTP the config.g, change it, FTP it back (and reset the printer).
    • Physically remove the SD card and edit (there are a lot of variants here, depending on the exact configuration, ask more questions if this would work for you.)
    • Access the Duet board via the network via documented web APIs, download, edit, and upload the file (and reset the printer)
    • Keep a copy of config.g somewhere and "M28/M29" it onto the SD to make changes.

    There are probably a few others that I've missed... but... again, NONE of them are via USB.

  • And, as mentioned, feeding G-Codes for print jobs to Duet via USB with repetier (or any other USB serial drip feed) bypasses a very large chunk of the value of the Duet.

    You say you have no choice, and this does happen... but again, a Duet can be made to print via USB, bypassing most value... it cannot be configured by USB.

  • Well, you could use M28 and M29 to write a file to the SD card. I think that still works via USB.

  • Edited into the list above.

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    @Danal said in Repetier server and duet:

    it cannot be configured by USB.

    Well I guess it could... If you fed it all the commands that would have come from config.g it would work, but it would have to resend at every power up. If the homing files already existed they could be called, or you could probably send those manually too, but you'd get an error if some of your gcode ever called a homing file with G28.

    I guess I just don't understand why.

  • @Phaedrux I have connected with a bridge raspberry pi and duet eth so that I can have both DWC and Repetier server, DWC to change configurations and debugging, repetier as GUI for raspberry touchscreen. Thank you guys.

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