Core XY doesn't back off Z-stop when homing

  • Hi, I am having issues homing the Z axis of my Core XY printer. This happens whether or not I try to home the Z axis alone or while using Home All. The Z axis stops as it should on the end stop, but does not back off the end stop to do a slower approach. I am also unable to jog the Z axis off the end stop. Can anyone help? I have attached (hopefully correctly) my config, homez, and homeall files. Thanksconfig.g homez.g homeall.g

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    Where is the Z endstop located? At the low end of travel when the bed and nozzle are touching, or at the high end where the bed and nozzle are farthest apart?

    Your files are configured for the endstops being at the low end. So if the endstop is actually physically at the high end, that would explain the issue you're seeing.

  • Well, looks like you have kind of mess with your files. So, as i understand you have 3 series firmware. That means your command do define coreXY mode is wrong. It should be M669 K1, not M667 command.
    In config you define your axis minima as 0 and maxima as 304. You also define, that your Z endstop is in minima, low end. However you send your bed away from nozzle and endstop in your homez file and the amount is 205, so it cant reach 304 if it was close to nozzle. In homeall it is with right sign, but again, -205. So i assume your z max is 204, not 304. In homeall you send it in right direction, but you have not included commands to back off a little and do another slower approach .

  • @Phaedrux Thank you for the help. My Z end stop is located at the low end of travel, when the bed and nozzle are touching.

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    Now if you fix the issues identified by @aidar you should be good.

  • @aidar Thank you for the help. This makes sense

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