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  • I have ordered a new Duet3 mainboard that I will be using to upgrade my Tevo Tornado printer. In preparation, I have been looking through the documentation and find very little Duet 3 documents and guides. Can I assume that the Duet 2 guides and documentation is applicable to Duet 3 or is there somewhere else that I should be looking or am I just out of luck?

    I also don't see anywhere that describes new processes like connecting one's Raspberry Pi to the Duet board. That process would exist under the Duet 2 documentation, as far as I know.

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated...


  • If you highlight which sections are insufficient it will help improve it

  • Hey, that is a great link. I was unable to find that. Maybe it is just a matter of the standard support pages not having the links yet.

    I went to the documentation pages and all the links there are pretty much Duet 2. In fact the "Getting Started" links were exactly what I was looking for and the "Getting Started" on the documentation page is the Duet 2 "Getting Started" .

    Anyway, thanks for heads up on the link.


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    @sevilnatas First page of documentation, START HERE section, has a link directly to the above page:

    If you're running the Duet 3 without a Raspberry Pi, much what you need to do IS the same as the Duet 2. We're making our way through the documentation to update it for Duet 3, but there's a lot of very in-depth pages to update.


  • @droftarts Thanks Ian, when I had initially posted this, I hadn't actually received my Duet yet and was just overly excited to get started that I started trying to bone up before it got here. I have the board in my hands now and I am off to the races. Thanks for the link and I'll see ya in the forums!

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