• I have read all your guides and I have followed step by step the procedure that I report below:

    1. Calibrate nozzle to zero manually (paper test).
    2. Set Z to zero (G92 Z0)
    3. Lift nozzle by 5 to 10 mm (G0 Z10)
    4. Determine probe trigger height (G30 S-1) and note the result shown on the G-Code console.
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 a couple times to ensure the result of G30 S-1 has accetable repeatability (variance smaller or equal to 0.03mm). Note the average of these repeated measurements.
    6. Set the trigger height in G31 in your config.g

    after doing this procedure two or 3 times I redid all the axes and I launched a print but in my nozzle it has a distance from the bed of 1 or 2 mm with lack of adhesion as you can imagine

    help me now 🙂

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    Please post your config.g and home all. And bed.g if you using G32. And your slicer start gcode.

    Which firmware version are you using? Which duet board?

  • I'm using a Duet Maestro with firmware vers. 2.03
    Here the files you requested.

    draw 007.gcode

    Thanks in advance,

  • @luca-f13 Morning. I looked through your config.g and found this.

    G31 P500 X-28 Y-39.5 Z0,6                   ; set Z probe trigger value, offset and trigger height

    You have a comma as opposed to a fullstop/dot.
    The line should be

    G31 P500 X-28 Y-39.5 Z0.6                   ; set Z probe trigger value, offset and trigger height

    Please try that and report back.
    Also, may I suggest you also upgrade to the latest RRF2.


  • I feel stupid thanks a lot

    however I am using rrf 2.1.4

  • @luca-f13 No Problem, saves throwing the printer out of the window!
    (Personally I would blame the guy who put the ',' and '.' next to each other)!

    Firmware, current version is 2.05.1, which is the latest for RRF2, which can be found HERE
    Your firmware is nearly 2 years old, might be worth considering the update.



  • Ok, I've updated the firmware and everything works.
    Thank you very much for suggesting me,
    but the problems aren't gone forever, now I have an extrusion problem that I can't understand what causes it, I think it could be a slicer setting because I have already verified that the extruded material quantity is correct.

    Is there anything in particular I can check in your opinion?

  • @luca-f13 Under or Over extruding?
    So, if you have your E Steps correct, ask for 100mm from console and it feeds 100mm?
    Please post your config.g so we can see it please.

    Next is calibration of the flow rate.
    What slicer are you using? And what is your current flowrate / extrusion multiplier within that slicer?
    This is my go to guide and one of the many.


  • @PaulHew
    Thank you for your quick reply, here the answers to what you asked:
    Ask for 100mm from console and it feeds 100mm? YES
    What slicer are you using? SIMPLIFY3D
    extrusion multiplier within that slicer? 0.98mm
    I'm using a 0.4mm nozzle.

    And here's my latest config.g file.

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    Ok, but what exactly is the problem you're seeing?

  • @Phaedrux
    when I launch the print, a very thin thread comes out and does not have the size of a classic 0.4 nozzle extrusion
    and it appears that the extruded filament is very little compared to the actual need

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