Offset for Dual Y Endstop?

  • I have just been converting a CNC router to a duet 2 ethernet board.
    Everything seems to work fine.

    I am running two seperate steppers on Y with an endstop each.

    Using marlin I used to be able to square off the axis perfectly by setting up an offset for the endstops using the M666 command.

    Is there a way to do something similar on the duet 2?

    Firmware is 3.11

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    You can do this in the homey.g file. After homing both motors together, use M584 to temporarily reassign Y to just one of the motors; then you can use a G1 Y move to move just that one a little. Then use M584 to assign Y to both motors again.

    If your homeall.g file homes Y without calling homey.g, then you will need to do the same in the Y homing sequence within homeall.g.

  • Great, thank you!

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