Smart Effector Delta Mount Advice

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    I would like so advise from user's who are using the smart effector this is a mount i am trying to design for use with the smart effector and standard rods and not magnet balls. i don't have a smart effector yet to judge if it will or will not work or if i am close.. its not finished yet but no sense going ahead if i'm way off tract,
    any feed back would be appreciated..

    Thanks gary

  • I think the issue you will have mounting it that far away from where the arms are mounted it that you will amplify any effector tilt you have.
    The mount I used on my predator for the smart effector before I changed the arms can be found here.
    If you can keep everything on the same plane, it will be better in the long run.

  • The most important factor is the distance between the arms being the same as the carriages. I'm assuming you intend to raise the nozzle as such it should probably reduce the effect of any tilt as the distance between the plane of the joints and the nozzle will decrease (?)

    In any case with the smart effector probing with the actual nozzle tilt is less of a concern?

    I hadn't considered using the smart effector with non magnetic arms, might be an interesting stop gap solution as the magnetic arms are quite pricey.

  • 713 Maker do an adaptor to allow the seemecnc type Ball cup arms to be used

  • I used these way back

    They worked reasonably well.

  • @oliof

    Thanks for all you advice i did make a few changes off what has been said moved the rod closer to the effector, and a few others i am just trying not have to replace the rods with magnet ones.

    Thanks gary

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