Firmware rebooting and stop printing midway through!

  • Hello there,

    We have a printer which came with DUET 2 WiFi controller. Recently, we've been facing issues printing with it. Basically, it all started by repetitively throwing a Stall detection error coming with a layer shift. We manage to fix it by tension the belts, but now it started failing to finish any kind of different print by rebooting the Firmware mid way through the printing procedure.
    By tension a bit the belts, our X-Axis motors seem to struggle a bit when was moving around by creating a weird noise.
    The parts that we are trying to print are printed with 270 and 120 degrees Celsius for Head and Bed respectively.

    Is there any chance which anyone faced similar issues before? Any clue what we need to look at?

    We use 2.05 Firmware Version


  • @Damianos please provide the config and homing files, information about your hardware (if you have it, the stepper type and max currents) and you should make M122 during printing and after the reboot und publish here.

    The reason for M122 is whether the cause is something like a voltage shortage, stepper error, overheating of the MCU or other reasons which could lead to a unplanned reboot. A M122 before the reboot, because I don't know which reported values survive the reboot.

  • @JoergS5 Thanks for your response.
    The Stepper motors that the machine came with the printer is:
    Modix 120X V3
    MT-1705HS200A 1.8 degrees 2.00A
    The M122 are as follow:
    M122_at_78.8%.txt M122_at_26.6%.txt Final.txt
    homez.g homey.g homex.g config.g

    I would like to mentioned that for a reason these problem have been resolved (at least for the past two attempts of printing). Also I would like to mention that before giving a try of the past two. I re tension the belts of X,Y axis and re-install all config homing, Macro, firmware files etc.


  • @Damianos so if it is solved, there is no need to investigate. Good to hear that you can go on.

  • okay @JoergS5 .

    Anyway, I would like to thank you for your response.


  • @Damianos I checked the M122, they look ok. In your config the current for Z is a bit high, that's all I saw which may be suspicious.

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    All I can add is that there is a bug fix release for 2.05.1 that you should probably update to.