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  • hiya i am looking to do a massive revamp on my cable management on 3d printer and enquiring about the specs of the aviation connectors more specifically the following:

    CX24 aviation connector for the steppers i.e. x, y, z, z1, e, e1

    GX20 14pin for the x carriage i.e. hotend wire, fan0, fan1, thermistor

    GX20 14pin for endstops i.e. x axis, y axis, z axis, fan2, fan3

    however way these connectors are fleshed out for my 3d printer can these connectors handle the currents, ohms and vattage of the hotend being a 70w cartridge, the nema 17 stepper motors.

    The heated bed will be a AC settup with the SSR.

    Please help

  • As far as I know, brand name aviation connectors are rated at 5 amps. Your guess is as good as mine in regard to chinese clones.
    Having said that, Creality uses a lot of aviation connectors and they seem to work well.
    I would re-think the idea of 14 pin connectors - have you ever tried soldering those guys? It's possible but you might not be able to put heat shrink on.
    I did not check the dimensions on CX and GX connectors ... I just know I use a lot of aviation connectors.
    I hope it goes without saying that you do not use those connectors for AC mains power (but SSR signal inputs are fine)

  • @jens55 said in aviation connectors:

    I hope it goes without saying that you do not use those connectors for AC mains power (but SSR signal inputs are fine)

    Some of them are rated for 4-500VAC and pass insulation testing with flying colours, have used them for years outside of 3d printing and have had less issues with them than say PowerCon.

  • If I am not mistaken, they are rated at 32 or 48V but each to their own. I would never use them for mains voltages unless they were brand name and were spec'd for that use. China imports do not qualify!

  • maybe I am reading it incorrectly, but when the specs sheet of the connector mentions 5 amps, does that mean 5 amp per a pin or 5 amp for the whole connection

  • generally pr pin; it may say something about derating the ampacity for elevated temperatures or when having high loads on all pins in a high pin density plug/wire.

  • might actually stick to the GX20 connector since that is mostly supported,

  • it that the pg to make the purchase

  • I am using these a lot (also the 2/3/5 pin versions)




    they do not get warm at 5A 400V nor 5A 24V nor 5A 48V

    my insulation tester goes up to 1000V and 2000M ohm and do not trip them. I have somewhere around the 2500V version too but can't seem to find it but I guess 1000V is ok for a PRC connector

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