Stepper skipping/single phasing

  • So mid print the extrusion stepper stops extruding. If you tell it to extrude or retract it just flutters back and forth. kind of like its bouncing between two poles. I am not sure these motors have poles? But that is the idea.
    First I removed the extruder stepper plug at the motor and plugged in a spare stepper. it dose the same thing with the spare so it's not the motor.
    Next I unplugged the Z stepper and the extruder cable at the board. I plugged the extruder cable into the Z stepper driver then tell the Z to move. The stepper turns normally. This tells me the wiring and plugs going to the stepper are good.
    Now I plug the Z cable into the extruder driver and tell the extruder to advance and the Z axies moves normally. I did this to see if the problem was in the extruder driver. Now I put everything back where it goes and the extruder still is not working correctly, skipping. What am I missing!!!!😢

  • Just noticed this message.

    Warning: motor phase A may be disconnected reported by driver(s) 3

  • This is displayed at the bottom of the screen when I try to run the extruder motor.

  • @CarlBosson that sounds like crimp that is a bit loose or possibly a broken/breaking wire. Maybe double check the crimps in the connectors?

    What board are you running?

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    Definitely sounds like a bad crimp or broken wire at the crimp. It may depend on position to show up. Best to re-terminate the crimps. I've seen it happen a few times on extruder motors that have removable plugs when the wires have been bent to the side.

    The error message indicates phase A so that would be the first wires to check.

  • @engikeneer the board is the duet 3D wifi if that is what your asking. I agree with both of you. I did some more searching after I posted this. I am pretty sure its a bad connection or broken wire. I have ordered new plugs and will run new PTFE coated wire. i will update when done. should be back up mid next week. Thanks for all your help.

  • @engikeneer You were correct. I rewired the stepper and the problem is solved! Back to printing. Thank you for all your help.

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