UNSOLVED Belt Keeps Breaking During Prints

  • It's been happening quite often-- I've been having issues with my Delta printer in which during a print, the nozzle gets stuck on part of the print and ends up destroying the belts in the process. Below are pictures of the most recent attempt-- the printer got stuck on the corner with the tears as shown.


    Any idea as to why it occurs?
    Thanks in advance!!

  • @Ubelherz said in Belt Keeps Breaking During Prints:

    destroying the belts in the process.

    How do you mean "destroying belts", I don't see how a nozzle catch can damage a belt ? Any images of the belt itself?

    (As for the question of why you have nozzle catch I'm not a delta expert so no clue how to and what exactly you need to calibrate to not have that problem, but it is probably calibration issue)

  • the belt should slip over the pulley before braking and the motor should skip steps way before.

    the force required to break a belt is quite significant.

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