Petg warping

  • I was running a microswiss hotend warping wasnt realy bad but definitely there with petg
    Now with the hamera direct drive even a benchy
    Pops right off my glass buld platform i have always used a gluestick
    So whats the tricks with petg
    Fan setting ???? (Not versed well on use!!)
    Also noticed that the temps for my bed are crap
    With a lazer thermometer it only gets to 60°c even though the the setting says 70°c
    Once apon a time it used to be a cr10-s5 with 12v.
    Heaters 🤔 prob. Manditory to chainge to the 1000w 120v heatpad ive had for sometime can i get away with what i have ???? i will say that it is worse than before hemera....any idea why??? Missin something maybe ????

  • Does anyone have links to proper fan usage

  • @ziggymanpopo said in Petg warping:

    With a lazer thermometer it only gets to 60°c even though the the setting says 70°c

    your themistor config for the bed might be wrong. post your confi.g

  • For me PETG is incredibly sensitive to build plate temperature. Somewhere between 75 and 85 is a perfect temperature. Get it too cold and the edges curl up, get it too hot and the print won't come off the glass ever. This is printing straight onto clean glass.
    5 degrees is usually the difference between not sticking well and sticking too well.
    A cr10-s5 with anything other than a lie powered heater is useless.

    You might also be running a tad too high with the changed hardware.

  • For me 75/235 has worked for years.

    Printing on textured glass, and a coat printafix because petg sticks too well. As for a part cooling fan I dont use one and haven't done so for years I can get dimensional accuracy close enough to push fit bearings with no post processing.

  • I use 255C first layer, 250C for the rest and 80C bed for Monoprice PETG. I have found that the Z0 you have set affects how much it sticks. I use PEI for the bed surface.

  • The posted link helps ... thanks i will post my config on a dif. Post later after i have a way to confirm my actual temp......i beleive i must do a heater upgrade to compensate for the large amount of aluminum heatsink (510mmx510mm) im loosing 10° due to bed size and never gets past 75°
    On to the next upgrade thanks guys input always appreciated 😁

  • Not to mention the painfully slow increase in temp.
    O M G CREALITY!!!!

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