Duet 2 Z Axis Stepper Beeping

  • I am trying to set up a printer using a Duet 2 Wifi and am having trouble with the Z axis stepper. Any time I send a movement command to the stepper it seems to try to move and makes a beeping sound. All of the other stepper drivers are working.

    If I move the Z stepper to a different driver the stepper works and if I move another stepper to the Z driver it still makes the beeping sound so it seems to be something with the board.

    If anyone could give any insight as to why the Z axis might not be working or any troubleshooting steps I could take it would be much appreciated!

  • Can you Post your congig.g?

  • See attached. Thank You!

  • Moderator

    Can you also post the results of M122 and M98 P"Config.g"?

    What kind of beeping sound are we talking? Can you record it with your phone?

    This is a hang printer?

  • @Phaedrux We have figured it out. the steps per mm were not defined for the Z axis but were for the other two axes

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