M701 load filament command

  • Hi. Im working on my dual extrusion configuration and trying different ways to get the best config possible.
    The M701 command load filament, but is there a way to load a filament in each one of 2 tools? I have T0 and T1, so I want to load a filament in T0 and another one in T1, is that possible?

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    Yes but you'd need multiple filaments created for the same filament. For example pla1 and pla2 because they can only be loaded once each.

  • @Phaedrux Lets supose I want to load ABS in T0 and PVA in T1, 2 different filaments, how do I do that wit the M701 command, the documentation doesnt show how to specify wich tool will be assigned each filament

  • @Tinchus
    This code may be used to load a material for the active tool, however be aware that this code will work only for tools that have exactly one extruder assigned.

    So something like this

    T0 P0 ; select tool but don't run any tool change macros
    M701 S"ABS"
    T1 P0
    M701 S"PVA"

  • @OwenD I have tried your suggestion and added those lines to the material filament gcode section (I use superslicer)
    So this is the generated gcode:

    M141 S100
    G4 S120
    M104 S150
    G29 S1
    M141 S80
    G4 S180
    G10 S250
    G21 ; set units to millimeters
    G90 ; use absolute coordinates
    M83 ; use relative distances for extrusion
    M572 D0 S0.8
    T0 P0 ; select tool but don't run any tool change macros
    M701 S"/filaments/ABS22_soluble"
    T1 P0
    M701 S"/filaments/BVOH"
    G1 E-5.00000 F1500.00000
    G1 Z0.500 F18000.000
    G1 X110.669 Y115.733
    G1 Z0.200
    G1 E5.00000 F1500.00000
    G1 F900.000

    So the last T command is T1, and the print should start with the T0 tool.
    If I switch the order, I guess I will have problems with those files that should start with T1? so, is there any solution?

  • @Tinchus
    I would have thought your slicer would add the correct tool activation code based on how you've allocated them to the parts being sliced.
    if you've set the brim and supports to be T0 then it should select T0 before printing those features.
    Note: you don't need the path to the filament macro. Just the name. As long as all the required files and folder for that filament name have been created in the filaments folder.

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