PanelDueFirmware 3.2.3 released

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    I am pleased to announce the release of PanelDueFirmware 3.2.3.

    Version 3.2.3

    Upgrade Notes:

    • This release is compatible with RepRapFirmware 3.2-beta1 or later. It will partially work with RepRapFirmware 3.1.1 but not with any older version.
    • Flashing this release will reset the configuration to defaults


    • Due to the lack of RAM this build will not run on version 1 or early version 2 PanelDue boards that use the ATSAM3S2B chip.
      • Version 1.0, 1.1 and earlier v2 PanelDue: ATSAM3S2B processor (64MHz, 32kb RAM, 128kB flash) - these are the ones that the new firmware probably won't run on.
      • Version 2 PanelDue manufactured from August 2016: ATSAM3S4B processor (64MHz, 48kb RAM, 256kb flash). Will run the new firmware, but not as fast as version 3 will.
      • Version 3 PanelDue, including all 5i and 7i: ATSAM4S4B processor, 120MHz, 64kB RAM, 256kb flash. Will run the new firmware.
    • There will be no reliable status updates coming from RepRapFirmware while waiting for heaters to reach temperature (and some other cases) before RRF 3.2-beta3.2.

    New and changed features:

    • Sped up intialization phase
    • Increased poll rate from 1s to 500ms and add adaptive slow down if too many out-of-buffer occur

    Bug fixes:

    • Command input field did not show inserted character

    Downloads and Instructions

    Binaries can be found at
    Flashing instructions can be found at

  • Hi,
    My on screen keyboard problem solved, many thanks.
    I will waiting V2 board 5" LCD solution

  • Not sure why, but after I upgraded paneldue, printer has strange pauses during prints. For about a 3-4 seconds it stops, and then resumes printing. Duet 3 MB6HC 3.2-beta3.2
    I had no issues like that with same duet firmware and paneldue 3.2.2

  • @BoA and to confirm, the pauses cease as soon as you disconnect the PanelDue?

  • @oliof What Do You mean by "disconnect"? I have pauses just in the middle of the print without touching paneldue. Only variable seems to be upgrading paneldue firmware.

  • I meant unplugging it to see whether it's just the configuration for a paneldue or the paneldue sending commands.

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    @oliof It is even simpler than that: selecting the Setup tab will stop PanelDueFirmware from sending any commands (except while initializating).

    @BoA Can you confirm that the same GCode prints fine when run without the PanelDue, i.e. either cable disconnected, panel on Setup tab or Aux channel disabled via M575?

  • OK. This seems to be coincidence. Printer pauses for a few seconds in random places even without panel connected.

  • Can't figure out why none of v3 firmwares are working on Version 2 PanelDue 7. Chip says that it is ATSAM3S4B. But after flashing does not boot. Last version that works is v1.24

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    @worekarolis I am currently looking into this. I have an assumption I was not able to verify/falsify yet.

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    I have now released PanelDueFirmware 3.2.4 that is mainly intended to fix the issues with v2 boards.

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