UNSOLVED Duet3 - New IDEX Setup

  • I am trying to get 2 tools working on my Duet3 board, and as of now, think I have a slicer problem. I am currently trying to get ideaMaker to work, and everything "appears" to work, but am getting an error for a GCODE command that doesn't exist on the Duet....


    I have read a few other posts on here about M605, but (may have just missed it) didn't see anything that would tell me how to fix it.

    I know this isn't a ideaMaker support forum, but not only am I not sure how to get ideaMaker to send properly supported commands to the Duet, I am also not sure what the correct GCODE command is or how it should look when sent to the Duet.


  • So... Please tell me if I am wrong... To use 2 print heads, I will have to create a 3rd tool, and print to that tool. If so, that sounds like it will only work in copy mode, but not in mirror.

    M563 P2 D0:1 H1:2 X0:3 F1:1 ; tool 2 uses both extruders and hot end heaters, maps X to both X and U, and uses both print cooling fans
    G10 P2 X50 Y0 U-50 S0 R0    ; set tool offsets and temperatures for tool 2
    M567 P2 E1:1 ; set mix ratio 100% on both extruders
    M568 P2 S1 ; turn on mixing for tool 2

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    From my understanding M605 isn't used because you can get the functions needed with M563 when defining the tool.



    Remember that you can define your tools on the fly, so using a "3rd" tool that allows for duplicate printing with both heads at the same time is just a matter of defining the tool with the extruders, heaters, fans etc from both tools together in one.

    Have you seen this thread? https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/19167/creating-a-new-idex-3d-printer-with-duet-2-wifi

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  • You don't need any M605 commands. I've read of other users using Ideamaker, is there a way to configure it such that it outputs RRF, rather than Marlin, etc, if its not configured that way?

    I hold the opinion (best practice?) that you should not be having a slicer define a M563 (or M605?), and instead call the appropriate tool. Have the slicer "simply" select/use T2, and then you should be good to go (based on the M563 you have defined in config.g).

  • Sorry for not getting back to this as quickly as I planned... I still need to get this working but ran into some other issues while trying calibrate the printer.


    Thanks for the feedback. I will get back to trying to get IDEX working as soon as I can sort this out and get the printer, printing without confusing me during calibration prints. I don't want this sort of thing to occur while both hotends are printing... I will be even more confused if trying to troubleshoot something. 😵

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