• Simply Wow!
    After upgrading to the DuetWiFi, I have to say I am amazed.

    Not just by how good my printer has become, printing smoothly and quietly. OK still a few niggles but nothing big.
    The thing that I want to touch on now is how great the support is.
    I have a question, I quickly get a knowledgeable answer back. Most impressive.

    So, an overall thank you guys. You are doing a wonderful job and delivered a great product.
    Bloody marvelous!

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    Thanks Lykle, it's nice to know that our efforts are appreciated.

  • I'd like to 2nd this! I've had my Kossel printing practically non-stop since upgrading to the Duet WiFi. It's been an absolute pleasure to use and rock solid on 1.15c so far!

    Thanks to everyone involved with making such a powerful and affordable controller possible. Truly an accomplishment you should all be proud of.

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    Thanks alot Lyke!

  • I'd second that wholeheartedly too, with my new machine the 3rd object it printed was as good if not better than the 25th object that has come off the build plate of each of my previous printers. The time saved getting it working well is worth a lot more than the cost of the board.

  • I'd like to add my thanks here too! The community around the Duet is by far the most helful and friendly I have come across. It is partucularly helpful having core developers like dc43 and T3P3Tony around and willing to answer questions. Maybe it's becuase we're all mad keen to make the most out of our kit?

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