DBOT gantry now 600gr lighter

  • Hi guys,
    when I built my DBOT 3 years ago, I wanted to add mgn12 rails. But my CAD skills were pretty low, so the first attempt was very bulky and heavy.
    Now I've re-designed it and it is around 600grams lighter than before. The angled steel bracket to mount the Titan and the 2020 crossbeam had the biggest impact on the scale. (literally πŸ˜‰ )

    The hotend bracket still has some details I want to change, but I'll post the final design on thingiverse after some real tests.
    A short drytest with 180mm/s printspeed was succesful, without the need to tie down the printer.
    before.jpg after.jpg belt-alignment.jpg

  • Very nice! Some people worry about free hanging linear rails not being constrained and possibly causing problems, but I think that worry is overblown.

  • @oliof
    Right, the original D-Bot even uses 2040 extrusion here...
    But it also depends off the hotend-weight.

    I have the option to add a 10mm Carbon tube parallel to the rail.
    Weightless design and extra strength were needed.
    I'll give it a try, when the printer is running again.

  • @oliof I have some cheap rails that are pretty curved in the pitch axis. They flatten right out when bolted down to extrusions. I suppose this is not news to anyone here but probably extra important not to cheap out on the X rail if it’s unsupported. πŸ˜†

  • @whopping-pochard
    Good point, I'll make a testprint with a part placed along the rail in question. It's also a good ringing test.
    The belts are all on one side, I hope that keeps the extruder-mount from twisting, too.