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  • Hi Duet users and creators, I was wondering if it is okay to lengthen the wire's off my Duet board to around 5 feet. Putting my printer into a containment box. And by having about 5 feet of wire I will have options for the placement of my electronics. Also does the duet have any problems with EMF? Thanks for any info. Peace out.

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    Which wires in particular?

  • @dc42 All of them.... Putting my Ultimate Xl into a containment box. So all the wires have to be longer. Any ideas?

  • @specktech But my power supply will basically be in the same box. So the power will be close to the Duet. Thought I better check before I complete my re-wire. I will make sure to have a nice buffer/space between the boards.

  • Want to make sure i am explaining my project correctly. My printer has a Duet 2 wifi on one side and a 24 volt power supply on the other side. Going to put both the duet and the power supply into one box. This electronic box will sit alongside my containment box. I was thinking about 5 feet of wire would allow me to position the electronic box in a few different locations around my printer. I think everything will be just fine. But just wanted to check.

  • For what it's worth, I have a Duet2 and expansion card running on a 24V supply and other than connector problems were the printer cables join the extension wires, I have not had an issue that I know of. All the issues I have had were normal issues that would have occurred one way or another.
    I suspect that my cables are in the 5 -6 ft range.

  • @jens55 Thank you for the nice reply. I really appreciate that info. This little duet board sure is amazing. Peace out.

  • @specktech
    just make sure the extension wires have the biggest diameter you can crimp the connectors to. And also make sure they are braided or twisted.
    For sensors I had good results with shielded CAT5 network cable.

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