E3d Volcano and too long a heater cartridge ?

  • Anyone have a photo of a volcano setup on the Smart Effector.
    My heat block screws up so close to the blue heatsink, that the heater cartridge is pushed out the bottom and almost flush with the nozzle.


    I have 2 heater cartridges, both same length

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    I had not seen the setup with a volcano before. That does not look ideal at all.

    Looking at the e3d volcano assembly drawing:

    It looks like a shorter heater cartridge should be used with the volcano.

    The Smart effector heatsink does not differ from the standard V6 heatsink at all at the bottom end. the only idfference is the mounting at the top (moving from groove mount to threaded insert).

  • The heater needs to be shifted to the left in your photo, the wires need to be at 90 degrees instead of the 75 degrees or so that you have there.

  • Ive bent the wires 90, and jammed it against the heatsink as much as possible but the whole situation is far from what i would call ideal. It would be nice if the components were sized a bit better. Longer heatbreak, smaller bottom ring on heatsink, etc.

    E3D site suggests looking through all your heater cartridges if you have several to find one the "fits" best…...

  • Longer heatbreak is not possible as it would lengthen the transition zone. Similarly, a smaller bottom fin would reduce cooling capability, as the bottom find is the most important for cooling.

  • instead of being cut off flat on the bottom it would work better if there was a 3-4mm small center to allow room for the wires to coming out. also the volcano thermistor hole is drilled too shallow IMHO and negates the opening on the side for the wires to fit through.

  • current Volcano set up, but I'm already getting to print a version 2 with major overhaul in design.

  • Interesting, your heater connection is on the top, did you reverse it ?

  • Maybe it is a preproduction unit.

  • @Jarery:

    Interesting, your heater connection is on the top, did you reverse it ?

    yes I did, the other one dropped down. when I tried to push it back into place it broke so I ordered new ones. When I got them I decide to go ahead and put it on top to give more room on the bottom. if I had 90* sockets for the fans I would probably put them on there that way on the top as well.

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