IR Sensor D-E-D?

  • I just received my IR sensor from Filastruder last night. I excitedly created my wiring harness. Mounted it up and… nothing. No blinky lights. 000 analog value. For all intents and purposes, it's dead.

    For the Z-probe port with the board oriented wifi down/power up, I wired:

    VCC to the top pin (3.3V)
    GND to the second pin from bottom (GND)
    Signal to the bottom pin (Z_Probe_In)

    I brought the IR sensor into work today and there are no discolored marks or other obvious defects on the board. It just doesn't do anything. Is it possible I got a non-programmed board? Did I blow it up somehow (I did verify that 3.3V and ground went to the right pins)?

    I've ordered another sensor from Filastruder but I don't want to wait because I'm impatient and open to ideas.


  • Did you probe the pins on the cable that connect to the IR sensor to make sure you have the 3.3v across the VCC and ground pin with a multimeter? It could be a miswiring at the connector (4 pin) to the IR sensor (3 pin).

  • dc42 is your man for IR sensor troubleshooting, but if it is deemed defective, just get in touch and we'll refund or exchange.

  • I checked the 3.3 V and ground at the sensor. It's not impossible that I blew it up but I'm 93.4% positive I did it all correctly.

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    Please measure 3.3V and ground on the sensor itself, between the top end of the inductor labelled L1 and the ground test point between D2 and R3. If you are getting 3.3V between those but the LED doesn't flash about 5 seconds after power up, then your sensor needs to be replaced.

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