Nimble owners, please help !!

  • To those of you who got your nimble with smart effector do you get surface artifacts?

    This is my baseline, titan flying extruder with 20mm pancake motor, silicon tubing to hold the extruder.
    Notice there are no print artifacts and the surface is relatively smooth.

    This is after installing nimble, with the duet wifi settings attached as well

    Then I remove everything and reinstalled the nimble and loosen the screw as directed by zesty site.
    The artifacts became more pronounced.

    I am going to reassemble my flying extruder to confirm that my hotend is not the issue this weekend but before that anyone has tried out something that works ? rather than bandaid solutions?

  • It seems like the spacing of the ripple is uniform. Could it be that it represents the instant a new gear teeth enters the worm gear?

  • Have you checked the worm gear for OD and run out? Some gears (very small number) were out of spec but the Zesty guys will fix you up if so. I don't remember the specs, but someone will chime in. Also, some found that going to 10K RC diff lube helped. My Nimbles have been flawless so I don't have first hand experience with it.

  • I'm not sure if it is right or not, but I have a max instantaneous speed of E1 and max speed of E1000. and I have zero ringing or ripple. I was having issues with the extruder motor keeping up before I changed it.

  • FInnaly solved this by putting differential oil 15k usedin RC Cars recommended by the Zesty guys. I have no idea why it works but my guess it takes out the slop in the gearing system as the oil very thick.

  • The diff lube stays on gears during rotation so it helps cushion the gaps. Its the preferred lube in this application. I had the same issues and the 10K diff lube completely eliminated any ripples on the surface. Now its all smooth.

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