Change port 80 outside access?

  • Is there any way to change port 80 to be able to access from an external network to a wifi duet ?.My problem is that I have 3 duet wifi and I can only access one of them by forwarding ports and I do not know how to put the others.
    Is there any way to change port 80 in the other wifi duet ?.

  • Yes you can, check M586 :

    M586 P0 S1 R20000 ; Set Port 20000 for HTTP

  • Most routers allows forwarding any port to any port. So you can map:
    81 to port 80 on first duet
    82 to port 80 on next duet
    and so on.

  • Thank you both, now I can.

  • However... I personally would NEVER "forward" a device such as a Duet to the public internet.

    Use a reverse proxy that requires authentication, etc.

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    Yes please do not put a Duet on the open internet. If you need to access it remotely please use a VPN

  • As an alternative to running a VPN or reverse proxy, you can set a password on each of your printers

    1. set a password on each printer using the M551 command in your config.g
    2. set each printer to have a fixed internal IP
    3. set port forwarding, preferably use an obscure port - IE something like port forward 7193 from external or some other random port to your internal DUET port 80, then on 2nd printer use port 7194 etc

    I do this for for my 3 printers, along with a webcams on each so I can monitor prints when I am at work using my pc or my phone when I'm out for dinner etc, I need to supply the password to do anything like stop the printer if I need to etc.

    Sure VPN / SSH / Reverse Proxy and other methods are providing more robust security but they add complexity and steps to monitor your prints from outside. using an obscure port along with requiring a password is enough for me, I'm in the "I just want to get it working simply and with at least some form of password protection" camp

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    Port scanners don't care how obscure a port is. Just sayin.

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    @crash69 the password on the duet is not intended to provide security against a determined attacker, also when you login, because the duet is not using https, that password is not sent securely. This can just stop a casual connection from someone curious. I must repeat this please do not put Duets on the open internet (or a large uncontrolled intranet like a university). If you have a use for controlling them remotely then either provide a VPN into your local network, or remote connect into a local PC and control them from that.

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