DWC 1.21.1 and DWC 1.22.1B2 bugs

  • F/w version is 2.01b1, web server is 1.21.1 iirc
    Im running into a few bugs with DWC.
    On 1.21.1 the web interface doesnt show that the printer is homed, it will still display that the axis aren't homed even after homing plus it wont show were the print head is in the top right, it only shows zeros.

    Tried updating to 1.21.2b2 to see if that would fix it.
    It does fix the issues mentioned on 1.21.1
    But when i jog the print head, it behaves as if it a Cartesian printer only moving diagnally.
    sending a move command for example G1 X200, X will move as expected .

  • administrators

    @jbourns thanks for the report. I have moved this to the DWC area. I know @chrishamm is working on another beta release of b2

    In the mean time it might make sense to revert to the last stable release of both.

  • Ok thanks for the heads up. I'm back on dwc 1.21.1 , ill downgrade the f/w to 2.0
    I'll post if it makes a change


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