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  • We have our Duet operating in an enclosed aluminum frame with aluminum panels all around. As previously mentioned, we are driving a vacuum system inside the enclosure with a pump powered through the heated bed connection.

    On two occasions now the steppers have sounded like they "jump", or miss a step, so we are wondering if the drivers are getting too warm. We have an 80 mm fan blowing directly on the duet (from about 2 inches away), and vent holes in the panel sides.

    What are the operating temperature bounds of the Duet? Do we need to do a better job of venting the enclosure or the Duet?

  • What is the ambient temperature inside the enclosure?
    What is the temperature shown for the MCU? Has it's temperature been calibrated?
    Have you run an M122 after hearing the skips?

  • Also look for StepErrors in the M122 output report. I can easily make a GCode file that exhibits exactly as you mentioned and the StepErrors value increases correspondingly. With some combination of move commands the firmware is not capable of properly handling the slave Y-axis in my case. It may be that the problem is visible only with multiple drives per axis. It is a known problem and David will have a look over it soon.

    Thermal shutdown should completely stop the stepper driver and even if for short periods of time it should be a lot worse than just a "jump" here and there.

    What currents have you configured for the steppers? Do you see any problem in the output object (3D printed, milled etc.)?

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    Unless you are using very old firmware, the Duet will warn you when the drivers are getting too hot, before the point at which they shut down and you lose steps. On PanelDue you would need to go to the Console page to see the messages. On DWC they will pop up briefly and can also be seen on the Console page.

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    @sean as has already been mentioned on newer firmware you get a warning. You can also configure the stepper driver warning and over temp alerts as "temperatures" on the Extras's tab on DWC


    It is difficult to set exact temperature bounds for the whole board because different components have different limitations and also generate heat. so while the Wifi module may be happily working away at 40C, a stepper driver could be shutting down from over temperature. the stepper driver warning and shut down conditions are:

    Overtemperature warning 80(°C) min 100°C (avg) 120°C(max)
    Overtemperature shutdown 135(°C) min 150°C (avg) 170 °C(max) (Temperature must be rising)

  • If the Duet monitors stepper driver temperatures, where is that number indicated? Is it accessible with some config.g changes? I see the MCU temp on "/ Extras" of DWC, but not specifically the stepper temp. Thx all for responses.

  • @sean You won't get exact temperatures, only the warnings if the thresholds are crossed.

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    @sean You need to configure the Stepper driver temp warning and temp shutdown "virtual temperature sensors" to see them in the extras tab (as explained in the documentation I linked in my previous pot). Those virtual temp sensors only have 3 states .

    It reads 0C when there is no warning, 100C if any driver reports over-temperature warning , and 150C if any driver reports over temperature shutdown.

    See the M305 documentation here:

  • @phaedrux thanks for the clarification

  • @t3p3tony thanks for pointing out your previous post, and for indicating the setting change. I added the virtual driver temp control to Extras.


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