[Guide] [Feedback requested] Reducing Stand-Still Noise

  • I have written up a small guide to reduce motor stand-still noise at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Reducing_Stand-Still_Noise. I would like to ask for feedback.

    Also I am missing the 500 reputation required to add a tag to this page so I would like to ask @dc42 or @T3P3Tony to add Duet Hardware tag to it so that it shows up on that page as well (or otherwise add it anywhere else where is would make sense).

    P.S.: Another request to any moderator: this post should have gone to category "Tuning and Tweaking" and somehow ended up in "General Discussion" so please move it over. Thanks.

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    @wilriker moved to Tuning and tweaking. I have categorised it. I have not had a chance to try it in my own printers yet.

    Thanks a lot for writing this up!

  • @t3p3tony Thanks!

    I can only say that this community is so awesome and helpful and I learn something new every day here. 👍
    It is an honor to me to give something back this way! 🙂

  • Great tutorial!

    I though that command to change TOFF alone was planed in the 2.02 release; is it the case? I don't remember which command was chosen for that...

  • @fma Thanks! 🙂 Here's what @dc42 said back then:

    @dc42 said in Does M906 set RMS or peak current?:

    I've added a TOFF parameter for M569 to the work list for firmware 2.01.

    So it should even be in 2.01 which is currently in beta. I just checked the changes in source code but this new parameter has not yet been added.

    @dc42 If you haven't done it yet I can also implement that new parameter. I would use M569 Onnn but if you plan to use another command/parameter it would be easy to adjust.

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    The 2.01 release is intended to be bug fixes only, so this facility will probably be deferred to 2.02.

  • @dc42 I see. The offer to implement this still stands, though.

  • Hey,

    I tried it and it doesn't work for me, the guide though is (if I didn't do anything wrong) easily understandable.
    Although it is very clear, you might like to add an example like "M569 C65969 P0"
    I think there is a mistake in the tabular M569 C65971 is double and M569 C65972 is missing.

    I tried all the given values but they had no effekt at all, maybe my frimeware version is not correct or correctly installed ( I asked in a different thread)

    best regarts

  • @windiesel Thanks for your feedback. I fixed the duplicate value in the table and added a full example to set Y axis motor to TOFF=8 in the text below the table.

    As why this is not working for you it actually is in the guide as well but now very hard to miss with the header image I added:

    This requires RepRapFirmware 2.0 or later

    It's immediately below the heading but I will add it also later in the text to make that clearer.
    EDIT: Also added this to the "Preparations" section.

  • Finally I got it. 🙂
    I did read the note with RRF 2.0 or later.
    Frimeware update was the problem. DWC told me all the time frimeware update was successful, but as you can see in my previos post: it wasn't. I then found a thread which said that I have to update iap4e.bin before updating the frimeware after that everything worked smothly.

    Its nice to have the option now to tune the unwanted noise. I did not found the perfect setting but I found a better one.
    I tried every setting and rated them with sough(not sure if its the right translation) and whistle for example C65969 has no whistle but is really loud and C65971 has no sough but a really unpleasant loud whistle.

    The high pitch for values above C65980 as mentioned in the guide i could also hear, but they weren't that loud or unpleasant.
    I finally put 78 79 and 82 in my config

    Thanks for that feature and that guide


  • @windiesel said in [Guide] [Feedback requested] Reducing Stand-Still Noise:

    The high pitch for values above C65980 as mentioned in the guide i could also hear, but they weren't that loud or unpleasant.

    I took the liberty of putting my personal experience with these value (on all of my motors) as a commonly observed fact. 😁

    I am happy you found values that improve things for your setup, no matter what I wrote. 👍

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