stalling and destroying stepper drivers

  • preface: I am running dual y-axis motors into two different drivers on a duet wifi.

    I have been doing some experimentation on my machine and I have now stalled my Y-axis motors several times on the same drivers and I am wondering at this point are my drivers bad? I had stalled my motors several times on another duet wifi so many times that no matter what I did it stalled, so I swapped to a new duet. Now this duet is starting feel like it is doing the same things....

    my questions:
    How do I know if my drivers are blown out after stalling the motors so many times?
    How many times does it take for my drivers to get blown out?
    Why do my motors not stall with load but they will stall in free spin? (motors are 3.3mH, 2A, 0.81Nm, nema17)

  • @injoi9000 I also haven't found much information on the forums regarding repeated stall on the same Duet. @dc42 any information you can provide? I use an e-stop to cut power to the drivers if stall does happen, but can repeated stall even for a short time be detrimental to the board health?

  • Hi,

    We could use a little more information.

    When is this happening? Are you stalling them intentionally? What do you mean by "stall in free spin"?



  • administrators

    Stalling motors does not damage constant current stepper drivers.

    Please explain more clearly what the problem is. Are you referring to stall detection? If so, read the limitations at

  • You can physically stall the motors against a hard stop (like hit the carriage against the frame) all day and it won’t do anything to the electronics or motor. Might break some plastic or shake some screws loose in your printer though.

  • My XY stepper motors run at 24V 2.5A and I stall them frequently when experimenting with weight, acceleration, speed. No damage anywhere, as long as stuff stays cool.


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