Newbie set up tools for extruder

  • Hi,
    I am a total newbie , I have run the reprap config creation program , and I can get all the axis to work.
    I can not work out how to create a " tool " so I can test the extruder stepper motor. I can see the bed heater and the extruder heater and make them work but no extruder ??

    get this message
    G1 E10 F300

    Error: Attempting to extrude with no tool selected.**

    many thanks

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    Hi @nickt welcome!

    Do you have T0 at the end of your config.g or else do you select the tool in the web interface?

    By default no tool is selected unless there is a command sent to select it. If you only have a single extruder on your printer then the easiest way is to have T0 at the end of your config.g

  • @nickt You say that you can see the heaters so I'm assuming that you are using DWC (Duet Web Control). The configuration tool should have created a tool for you. By default, it'll be Tool 0. Do you see that on DWC?

  • Ok so I have to enable Tool0 and then let the bed heat up . Then and only then I can run the extruder motor to see if I have it wired correctly .
    Understand this for normal operation , but it would be nice in set up mode to be able to just run the stepper on E0.... just saying .

    Thanks for info so easy once you can see what to do 🙂

  • M302 allows cold extrudes

  • @nickt said in Newbie set up tools for extruder:

    Ok so I have to enable Tool0 and then let the bed heat up ...................

    I hope that was a typo and you meant to say that you let the hot end heat up rather than the bed (no need to heat the bed). Also, as @tekkydave pointed out, if you enter M302, it will allow you to extrude without heating the hot end first (just make sure that you aren't feeding filament into the hot end when you try that).

    Oh, in case you haven't yet realised, one the web control, go to gcode console - you can enter commands there at any time.

  • Sorry typo , yes extruder heat up , I have tested every thing with the M302 ( for speed ).
    Many thanks and more questions to follow ( new subject bl touch )

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