2nd Printer Purchase Suggestions?

  • I have a D300VS Delta, from Ultibots; it's the full package, and good value... but still somewhat pricey @$1000USD

    I'm in need of a couple more printers, at least one any ways.

    The key features I'm looking for:

    1. Duet/Compatible.
    2. Direct Drive, preferably E3D Titan Aero.
    3. Auto calibration/leveling.

    I don't know if I can get everything I want, and still save a few bucks, or just get an other d300vs.

    Any suggestions to other printers?

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    @ottobawt I highly recommend you look at the Railcore II XL.


    @kraegar here on the forums is one of the core developers as well.

  • I agree. I love my railcore!!! If you go to the railcore ii page on thingiverse you will see a link to where you can now buy the printer in kit form, which is new. I bought my parts before that kit existed and sourced everything directly myself.

  • We don't really do the Aero - you could use one, but you'll lose either X/Y or Z.

    The kit's retailing for $1550, or you can self source - people have gotten it under $1k by being picky / creative about what parts they use. Happy to answer questions!

  • Thank you for the suggestion: but that's pushing my budget in the opposite direction >.<

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    @ottobawt 😄 you can probably save a bit by self sourcing the components!

    Other wise there are quite a few conversion threads on the forum with people converting other printers to Duet.

  • For a low budget corexy I'd go dbot with a duet.

  • Dbot can be customized to be a pretty solid work horse. But you'll have to make some modifications from the stock BOM. There are kits on aliexpress that make sourcing parts pretty easy. The dbot has good options for the Titan Aero.

    The version in my signature was probably pretty close to your $1000USD budget.

  • @phaedrux

    My D-Bot has been great! I probably spent $650 on the initial build, and have added a Duet WiFi since then, and have a Titan Aero waiting for install. I wish I had a kit with all of the parts in one place when I built mine... Using a miter saw on the extrusions was pretty easy but dangerous with all of that aluminum flying around.

    reddit.com/r/reprapPIF/ can be used for a the actual parts printing.

    It should be a great fit for the OP.

  • @ottobawt I think the size you want is also pretty important. There are plenty of nice kits or builds floating around. If the railcore is over your budget, have a look at the ratrig corexy kit.

  • If you've already got one delta... maybe build another?

    I scratch-built a 600MM bed (24") by about 620MM max Z delta and have been very, very happy with it. Duet and Smart Effector are a large part of that happiness.

    Here is a picture of it printing a very challenging print, these are "single wall" pieces that will become the fuselage of a flying Radio Control model airplane. The printer is PLENTY good enough to print this challenging print, and big enough to print big sections (the designer of the STLs cuts them into pieces for more normal sized hobbyist printers... I re-join them and print bigger sections).

    Let me know if you want more info.

    Also, here is the sizing information:



  • BTW, the size point's a good one. If you wanted to build a RailCore 250 and self source, I think it could be done under your budget. 250mm^3 with auto leveling, and all linear rails. You'd have to be patient with shipping times and such to save $ here and there though.

  • Came here to suggest d300vs.

    Since you already have one (I do too and love it) How about a DICE printer? It’s bowden but it’s so tiny the bowden penalty is small.

    Hope the Titan aero is working for you. I binned mine and went BMG due to endless problems.

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