New RepRapFirmware config tool

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    Hi everyone,

    I am pleased to announce a successor of the first RepRapFirmware configuration tool. It is basically a rewrite that takes advantage of modern web development techniques such as VueJS, Bootstrap-Vue and ES2015 features with better performance, safer code and reusable components. As before it is available here: If anyone wants to have a look at the source code, feel free to check out

    Apart from the new frameworks there is now a new steps/mm calculator for extruder drives. It opens up once you enter the corresponding steps/mm input fields. The calculator for thermistor parameters can be opened in the same way, i.e. by focusing one of the thermistor parameter input fields. Also, the support for BLTouch Z-probes has been vastly improved and several minor bugs have been fixed.

    If you can, please give it a try and let me know if you experience any problems. This project helped me a lot to understand VueJS in depth, which I will use for a potential successor of DWC. I'll share my thoughts on this in another topic, though.

    Thanks for your support!

  • Can you change the title to New RepRap config tool? I nearly missed the post. 😉

  • Nicely done BTW.

  • Looks nice. Is there support for Duex2/5 that I'm missing? A facility to configure IDEX printers?

  • Looks good,
    one problem the mesh bed page will not let me go back to check my bed size just says "page still contains errors" and will not let me move off the page.

    Some indication of what was in error would be good, the people who use this are likely to be beginners.

  • is there a way to export a config.json from my current setup to import into the tool?

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    Can I suggest making it a little more clear how to choose a PT100 sensor as your thermistor. The drop down lists RTD, Thermocouples, etc, but it doesn't actually say PT100 anywhere and the default thermistor values don't change. It could be spelled out more clearly.

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    Also I noticed that it still selects probe type P5 for the BLTouch instead of P9.

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    @3dmntbighker Sure, done.

    @bot Yes, support for DueX2/5 is already included. You can configure every heater+motor that is supported on a DueX5.

    @stewwy I could not reproduce this. What did you do when that happened?

    @mikebridge Have a look at the System Editor in DWC. There you can download a file called "config.json" which you can select by choosing the "Existing configuration" option on the Start page.

    @Phaedrux My apologies for the trouble with the wrong Z-probe type, that happened when I removed the old "Ultrasonic" option. It's fixed. Also I restructured the sensor channel selections to make things a bit clearer - I hope that helps.

  • Just tried again from work pc and it's still the same

    Try bed size on first page as x min: max 20:265 y 20:230 and z 0:280 ( actual size and offsets of my bed). Then page through to to the mesh bed page accepting the defaults.

    you will not be able to leave that page , unless you alter the x-min and y-min to 20 or greater (i.e inside the print bed area), fine if you understand what you need to do, but the error notice gives no details or clues.

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    @stewwy said in New RepRapFirmware config tool:


    I see, thanks for the note. Nevertheless in my browser the min+max inputs of the mesh compensation turn red, is this not the case for you?
    I'll change the config tool to update the mesh mins+maxes automatically, though.

  • I use chrome at work and opera at home when I get home tonight I'll check with all the browsers

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    Hmm, you are right - I don't see any validation errors in Chromium either. I'll provide a fix for this.

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    Okay, done. It looks much better now.

  • Yes fixed 🙂

  • @chrishamm said in New RepRapFirmware config tool:

    @mikebridge Have a look at the System Editor in DWC. There you can download a file called "config.json" which you can select by choosing the "Existing configuration" option on the Start page.

    ?? There's no such file listed on one of my printers. Is that auto-generated based on the current config.g? Can it be recreated based on current configuration changes made directly?

    I always thought that config.json was a leftover file from importing a config from the online tool, but never updated (by the duet) when configuration changes are made.

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    @garyd9 This JSON file only contains the inputs you made in the config tool, I thought that is what you meant. The firmware does not update this file, though. If you'd still had that JSON file on your printer, you could have used it to restore the inputs you made before.

  • Thank you. I have a question on the configuration generated when selecting a PT1000 thermistor. (I'm asking because I'm getting a PT1000 but I'm not quite certain the proper way to configure it.)

    The tool generates something like "M305 P1 X501" (no "R" parameter.) However, the duet wiki suggests that a "R" parameter is required for PT1000's (or at least it's shown in all the examples.) (

    Is it needed?

  • @chrishamm Any chance of adding the independant Z motor configuration?

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    @garyd9 The 'R' parameter is basically obsolete for Duets newer than the 0.6 because it defaults to 4.7kOhm in the firmware. I'll add it back for consistency, though.

    @madhunm Yes, I think I can add it soon but in the meantime I still have to have a look at a few DWC requests that have come up.

    Edit: The configtool now generates an extra 'R' parameter for PT1000 sensors.

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