Controlling a Cetus3D with Duet3D 0.8.5

  • Thanks for the info, this provides a great starting point once I get the Duet in (still need to order it).
    Right now the printer is still too busy to take it out, but like you, I'm trying to stay close to the original Cetus initially, although I foresee switching to an E3D Titan Aero at a later stage as well, along with 0.9deg steppers, and a heated bed.
    Once again, thanks!

  • @fotomas Thanks a lot for helpful infos. I’m getting Cetus MK3, which should arrive next month, and joined Cetus Duet club 🙂

    How you connect Cetus powerbrick to Duet? Any modification needed?


  • @cookie
    I took a DC jack from an old DELL laptop docking station. 3D Printed a holder so I could screw it down to the Cetus bottom plate using an already existing hole.

    The Cetus bottom plate has four holes for the original controller board. Two of them fits the Duet 0.8.5 board as is. The 3D printed part for the DC jack reaches in underneath the the Duet offering support.


  • @fotomas great! Any photo of this dc jack? So I can google it and try to get one.

  • @cookie
    I de-soldered one like in the pic below. But an Ebay or google search for "DC Jack female 7.4 mm" give you some other options.


  • Hi,

    Another Cetus MK3 owner here. Just got my Duet Wifi, but of course don't want to start pulling cables and boards out of a working printer before I know I have everything and it's reasonably likely to work.

    I think I'm going to need at least a different power supply (not a problem, I'll bring over a bench supply tomorrow). But is that probably it?

    I'd also be super grateful if someone in the know, could post the high level overview of the process? I mean like what are the chapter titles; then I can go off and bang my head against figuring out the finer details of all that until it works..

    Thanks 😓

  • dsmudger

    I would say these are major steps

    • Homing switches (I use a microswitch for X and an old dc42 IR sensor for Z and Y)
    • Make adapters or get new cables to stepper motors
    • Make adapter or new cable for hot end
    • Power supply (I am using the original Cetus power supply)
    • Configure the Duet3d (steps/mm and heater values you can see above, the rest I think may vary in your case)

    Original connectors can be forced into the Duet board, but I ended up making adapters both for the steppers and the hot end. Pictures below show before the adapters during "proof of concept phase". On the hotend it self I made a new board using experimental circuit board and matching connectors. There was too much interference in the ribbon cable for the signal from the IR board so I added an ethernet (twisted pair) cable for that.

    If there are any questions I would be happy to help.

    1_1551951790794_20181118_155341.jpg 0_1551951790794_20181118_155206.jpg

  • Thanks a lot, that's beyond useful.

    • Cetus MK3 already has 3x homing switches, so sounds like I might even already have all I need.
    • Adapters seems the right way to go so it's easily reversible, but eh, 'ain't gonna need it 🤞'.
    • Duet 2 Wifi came with a little bag of JST connectors; if I'm lucky, the metal crimp terminals might be the same. If so I'll just need to change the plastic shells over (while carefully counting on my fingers which colour goes to which pin). If I'm extra lucky and Cetus doesn't change their wiring too often, maybe it'll even match your photos and help confirm I'm on the right track 👍

    Big thanks again for that, I'll try to post something once I get things going 😀

  • @dsmudger I just got my MK3 running and the Duet Wifi is laying around. Seem like I’ve to figure out the right crimping tools or learn how to crimp without them. I’m so novice when come to wiring works. Will keep you update when there is progress.

    Thanks 🙂

  • @dsmudger

    re adapter: is what i did for what may be the same "problem" 🙂

    And JST XH terminals which Tiertime use aren't compatible with the molex picoblade, you will need to replace terminals, or as I did, buy male JST XH and make adapters just to make it reversible.


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