Axis stop working....




  • i have the same issue. and it doesn't show any movement but i hit homing. z axis just buzzed a very long time. i wanted to hit reset but new i would lose data so i let it go. i did try turn off motors during and nothing stopped it. feeling so frustrated and alone!

  • 10:41:45 AM
    === Diagnostics ===
    RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet version 2.0(RTOS) running on Duet WiFi 1.02 or later
    Board ID: 08DGM-9T6BU-FG3SN-6JKD8-3SD6S-9VZHD
    Used output buffers: 3 of 20 (9 max)
    === RTOS ===
    Static ram: 28380
    Dynamic ram: 95784 of which 0 recycled
    Exception stack ram used: 348
    Never used ram: 6560
    Task NETWORK ready, free stack 460
    Task HEAT blocked, free stack 1256
    Task MAIN running, free stack 3624
    === Platform ===
    Last reset 00:04:55 ago, cause: software
    Last software reset at 2018-12-09 10:36, reason: User, spinning module GCodes, available RAM 6560 bytes (slot 0)
    Software reset code 0x0003 HFSR 0x00000000, CFSR 0x00000000, ICSR 0x0441f000, BFAR 0xe000ed38, SP 0xffffffff
    Error status: 0
    Free file entries: 10
    SD card 0 detected, interface speed: 20.0MBytes/sec
    SD card longest block write time: 0.0ms
    MCU temperature: min 33.4, current 33.7, max 34.2
    Supply voltage: min 24.1, current 24.2, max 24.4, under voltage events: 0, over voltage events: 0
    Driver 0: standstill, SG min/max 0/196
    Driver 1: standstill, SG min/max 0/0
    Driver 2: standstill, SG min/max 0/45
    Driver 3: standstill, SG min/max not available
    Driver 4: standstill, SG min/max not available
    Date/time: 2018-12-09 10:41:44
    Slowest loop: 4.75ms; fastest: 0.07ms
    === Move ===
    Hiccups: 0, StepErrors: 0, LaErrors: 0, FreeDm: 240, MinFreeDm 236, MaxWait: 204372ms, Underruns: 0, 0
    Scheduled moves: 14, completed moves: 14
    Bed compensation in use: none
    Bed probe heights: 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000
    === Heat ===
    Bed heaters = 0 -1 -1 -1, chamberHeaters = -1 -1
    === GCodes ===
    Segments left: 0
    Stack records: 1 allocated, 0 in use
    Movement lock held by null
    http is idle in state(s) 0
    telnet is idle in state(s) 0
    file is idle in state(s) 0
    serial is idle in state(s) 0
    aux is idle in state(s) 0
    daemon is idle in state(s) 0
    queue is idle in state(s) 0
    autopause is idle in state(s) 0
    Code queue is empty.
    === Network ===
    Slowest loop: 14.22ms; fastest: 0.01ms
    Responder states: HTTP(0) HTTP(0) HTTP(0) HTTP(0) FTP(0) Telnet(0) Telnet(0)
    HTTP sessions: 1 of 8

    • WiFi -
      Network state is running
      WiFi module is connected to access point
      Failed messages: pending 0, notready 0, noresp 0
      WiFi firmware version 1.21
      WiFi MAC address 84:f3:eb:41:d5:02
      WiFi Vcc 3.42, reset reason Turned on by main processor
      WiFi flash size 4194304, free heap 17112
      WiFi IP address
      WiFi signal strength -41dBm, reconnections 0, sleep mode modem
      Socket states: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
      === Expansion ===

  • z axes just humming like not enough current.
    this was working perfect for weeks.
    i just dont understand.

  • have you tried to connect the stepper not working to another axis?

  • administrators

    @mikeb said in Axis stop working....:

    z axes just humming like not enough current.
    this was working perfect for weeks.
    i just dont understand.

    The most likely reason is a bad crimp connection in that motor cable. A failed driver chip is another possibility.

  • i will ohm out the wires and try to use different axis driver. thank you for response! thank you

  • ok i hooked up two spare motors and what happened was both are buzzing but one turned as normal and other was back and forth couple of steps. think check crimps one one not turning as normal.

  • As a side note to this issue, and any other issue that might be related!

    I had a project in which we used huge amounts of connectors pretty much identical to the ones used on the Duet boards. It was not the first project, as I had very good previous experience with the same type of connectors. Some if the guys crimping the pins on the wires misplaced them in the crimping tool and they have squeezed the contact area way to much. We had to get the pins out of the plastic bodies and re-spring them for quite a few of the cables. The problems were random, so finding the actual cause was anything but simple!

    Also, we saw that even "compatible", these connectors are not 100% identical between manufacturers, with slight variations in the latching dents and the actual pin shape. If all sourced from the same manufacturer, everything is OK. But this is a relatively low cost connector, though a pretty well designed one, so there are a lot of manufacturers and only few suppliers guarantee the manufacturer (go for big suppliers like Farnell, Mouser, DigiKey, TME in order to have guaranteed supplier, but avoid generic ones - like Multicomp for Farnell). I think on Duet the connectors are from Wurth!

  • im still using supplied ones from e3d.

  • update...i updated my firmware and that fixed my motor issue on z axes.
    but now i have no controle of my eo heater and the bed thermister is what both eo and bed are displaying. crazy

  • @mikeb ALL FIXED NOW. i fixed numbering of heaters and thermisters. the configurator had it all messed up. never did that before. was same config as before. guess update changed something. THANKS FOR ALL HELP EVERYONE.

  • ok now z motors stuttering again. started in middle of a print! i just cant win

  • @mikeb i figured out one of the motors has let the carriage get in a bind(one side 3/4 turn off). ?

  • think i will get e3d 2.0a stepper x1 and go overhead belt drive to remedy this. think im having motor issues. and i wont have to check that they are equal all time also(x2 z motors now). if anyone has a clue whats going on please tell me.


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