UltiBots K250VS-BSE printing in < 20min - WOW!!!

  • Hi All -

    Quick update… the Duet WiFi installed in minutes on our UltiBots Kossel 250 V-Slot printer. We simply copied our 0.8.5 files to /sys and powered up. FSR leveling Calibrated 6 factors using 13 points, deviation before 0.129 after 0.024. We were up and printing in < 20 minutes. WOW!!!

    For more info on this DeltaBot kit visit http://www.ultibots.com/kossel-250-v-slot-bse-3d-printer-diy-kit-beta

    We will post pictures and videos soon.

    Happy Printing…

    Brad - www.UltiBots.com
    772-257-one thousand (9am - 7pm Eastern)
    sales )at( UltiBots dotcom

  • administrators

    Hi Brad

    Thanks for the positive review and glad the upgrade path was so painless I am looking forward to the pictures!



  • I have the same printer with a Duet Wifi and it's amazing.

    Brad over at Ultibots just released a D300VS bundled with a DuetWifi.. I want it but I don't need a 4th.. If I could sell my Duet powered Rostock Max V2 then I'd upgrade.. The kossel is running behind me now and the damn thing is so silent I can't even tell its printing.

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