Smart Effector Z-Probe No Longer Working

  • Switched over to a Zesty Nimble extruder and now z-probe is not working. Flashes twice when powering up but then nothing. Fails static and dynamic tests and will crash into bed if you try to set z-probe trigger height. Checked all connections and probe has power at connectors. Any thoughts? Thanks

    Duet 2 Wifi
    Delta (started as a tevo little monster)
    E3D Volcano Hot End

    Firmware Name: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet
    Firmware Electronics: Duet WiFi 1.02 or later
    Firmware Version: 2.01(RTOS) (2018-07-26b2)
    WiFi Server Version: 1.21
    Web Interface Version: 1.22.6

  • Check for physical damage

  • I didn't see anything obvious. Is there something/someplace more specific I should check? Thanks

  • No idea how the Zesty is mounted, but the documentation at says

    Take care not to damage the fine traces on the PCB during assembly! If you use the 3 extra mounting holes to attach anything to the effector, there must be no metal or abrasive parts next to the PCB on either side. So use nylon washers under any screw heads or nuts.

    so, if the Zesty is mounted using those mounting holes, that may well have broken things if you weren't aware of this warning and didn't use nylon washers.

  • Thanks. I used the mounting adapter that Zesty provided on Thingiverse. I did use nylon washers for the 3 M3 screws/nuts on the bottom and the adapter was printed from PLA which was touching the top. I removed it and saw no damage and reconnected it without the extruder attached and still no z-probe 😞

  • @sslouch Can you post a pic of it without the nimble+adaptor mounted I would like to see the top of the V6 heatsink with the PTFE Installed?

  • 0_1549910802596_IMG_20190211_123004939.jpg

  • Doublecheck the wires / crimps in worst case, redo them to be sure (on both ends).

    When you tap the hotend while connected, does the LED flash?

  • Also check that your fan isn't too powerful/too close to the strain gauge. I've had it fail with some high current Sunon fans, solved by moving the fan further from the center.

  • @sslouch that looks ok does your PTFE tube protrude thro the nimble adaptor or does it end flush or slightly below the surface?

  • Thanks all.

    @crynool No, it does not flash when you tap hot end.

    @Mike It is the same fan that I have always used with no issues until now.

    @Dougal1957 The tube ends flush with top of adapter/bottom of Nimble.

  • If it does not flash, it is either the wiring or the PCB.

    I managed to screw one smart effector, was just a tiny spot on the PCB, looked like some 'dirt', was actually this was causing lot of trouble as I could not calibrate the printer. Was showing different results everytime....

  • @crynool I am afraid it is the PCB. Unfortunately they appear to be out of stock until mid February 😞
    I found a different mounting adapter that uses the magball mount points instead so I will try when I get a new one. Guess we are down until then.

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    @sslouch, if you have a multimeter then you can check the traces.


    Measure the resistance between the right hand end of R11 and the left hand end of R13. Also between the right hand end of R11 and the left hand end of R14. Both readings should be around 30 ohms and within about 20% of each other.

  • @dc42



    R11R --> R13 ~16.6 K Ohms 😞

    R11R --> R14 ~35 Ohms

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    If you can identify where the damage to the trace is, you might be able to bridge it if the damaged area isn't too large. It's not easy though because the traces are so fine.

  • Couldn't get it fixed but I finally received a new smart effector yesterday after being out of stock for a while. Unfortunately, they have changed the configuration of the connectors and as a result it can no longer be used as shown in the documentation on Filastruder. They have moved the thermistor connector to the other side of the PCB so now the heat sink fan no longer fits there. The only place it can go is in the front where the print fan is (was). I was using the print fan bracket and print fan duct from @dc42 on thingiverse. Does anyone have any suggestions for a print fan for this new PCB configuration? Thanks!

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    The print fan bracket that I published still fits the version 2 Smart Effector. I updated the fitting instructions at to cover both versions a couple of weeks ago. The heatsink fan goes on the opposite side compared to version 1.

  • Haha. That's easy enough. Thanks @dc42! I didn't think it would fit there and hate to admit I didn't even try 🙂 I was able to confirm the z-probe is working again though!

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